Monday, 9 January 2012

Mothers Peace

The mysterious moments of ones life
Can bring joy to everyone
No matter if its stress or strife
Or from the mothers sun

Though times my find the joy of love
Branching out with leaves of gold
To conquer something from far above
To give to others so smart and bold

In these moments of dreadful sins
We stand together in the lions den
Why what for as the world spins
In the madness of the poets pen

Rising up in the power of glory
To do the things we need to do
To tell the world a remarkable story
In peace together with love so true

This is the answer without a doubt
Within the spirits of the living dead
That wants to dance and wants to shout
From the streets, that’s filled their head

So listen, listen, to the voice
That fills the hearts of the empty souls
Shouting mercy without a choice
To end the violence in our young foals
Put down your knives, put down your guns
Now stand together without a crease
That’s what they shout now daughters and sons
From far away for mothers peace

By Dr Geebers