Monday, 16 January 2012

The Alcohols Curse

It was a beautiful day you see,
With sunshine all around,
When you went out with me,
To take a walk round town.

To do the things we normally do,
Oh just you and I,
While having a meal oh so true,
And watching passers by.

With all the notions in our mind,
As we talked for hours,
About a lot of crazy things,
And then I bought you flowers.

Then we went back to your place,
To do now you know what,
But you said no get out of my face,
And hurt me a hell of a lot.

So of I wondered on my own,
Down that slippery road,
And hit the bottle all alone,
At my special abode.

While getting drunk with all my sorrow,
I didn't know what to do,
Except just drink until tomorrow,
And hope for something new.

But did you come oh back to me,
Oh no oh no, no way,
And now I am an alcoholic,
That drinks now everyday.

By Dr Geebers