Saturday, 14 January 2012


Problems come and problems go,
No matter what we do,
In a life that we all know,
Through drink and drugs so true.

But when we stop and look behind,
We see what we have done,
So this is why we try to find,
Some help to overcome.

To show us something we can keep,
Deep within our souls,
That will make us go to sleep,
So we can achieve our goals.

Without the craving of a drink,
Or even drugs as well,
Until we find that missing link,
So we don't go to hell.

This is why we come here,
To talk about ourselves,
So we don't have another beer,
Or spirits from the shelves.

Because temptation can be great,
And lead us back to sin,
While putting us all in a state,
So evil it can win.

Yet sometimes we all need that fix,
So we can create even more,
As long as you can control the mix,
And not fall flat on the floor.

Then you have overcome your fear,
Yet temptation is always there,
So has anyone got another beer,
And a really soft armchair.

By Dr Geebers