Friday, 13 January 2012

Mr and Mrs Cold And Their Plan For Winter Gold

Mr and Mrs Cold law and behold,
Came out each winter, so I am told.
With Mr Snow and Mrs Snow,
To bring havoc, to the world we know.
By meeting up at Christmas time,
To mess around with human minds.
As this was the time of the miracle son,
Who brought belief to everyone?

"What could we do"? Said Mr Cold,
To his wife now getting old.
"I don't know my darling love,
Blow some gales from up above".
"We always do that". Said Mr Cold,
As he was thinking of something bold.
"I know, I know, what we can do,
Contact the family and you know who".

Said Mrs Cold, to Mr Cold,
As their plan, began to unfold.
"What contact Mr and Mrs Snow?
Do you think they'll want to go"?
Said Mr Cold, to Mrs Cold,
"Of course they will, now you've been told".
"Ok sweetheart, then so I will,
I'll contact them, even better still.

I'll give the Ices a little bell,
As they will love this I can tell".
Said Mr Cold to his wife,
"We got to do this in this life".
Then Mr Cold went to the phone,
Picked it up and heard a tone.
Then dialled his family one by one,
To see if they would like some fun.

"Who is this"? Was the reply?
"It's Mr Cold, why oh why".
"What do you want"? Said Mr Snow,
"I was wondering if you'd like to go".
"You where wondering if I'd like to go where,
As if I really, really care".
"Go cause some havoc, at it's best,
Against these humans and the rest".

"Yes Mr Cold, sounds good to me,
You got a plan for us to see".
"Yes I have and definitely do,
Have a plan". As their plot grew.
"Sounds good to me now Mr Cold".
Said Mr Snow seeing the gold.
Thinking yes it's payback time,
To create havoc, that sounds fine.

"I'll call you soon and we will see,
The plan of action for us to agree".
"Ok, ok". Said Mr Snow,
Very excited to have a go.
Then Mr Cold phoned Mr Ice,
"Hello who's this"? Answered someone nice.
"It's Mr Cold, why who is this".
"It's little Miss Ice". "Oh sorry Miss".

"Is your father over there"?
"Hold on a moment and I’ll get him I swear".
"Hello Mr Cold, what's up my man"?
"Fancy joining in, in a mad little plan".
"What is this plan now Mr Cold".
"A massive storm, now law and behold.
Freezing the world, oh for sure,
Making it ours, so white and pure".

"Sounds good to me my friend you see,
Have you a plan for us to see".
Said Mr Ice now being nice,
As he through in all his dice.
"Yes I have and definitely do,
Have a plan of action for you".
Said Mr Cold now being cool,
Because he was no kind of fool.

"I'll see you soon, ok my man,
So we can go through this wee plan.
And all the obstacles in our way,
To pull this of, I say, I say".
Ok Mr Cold I'll see you soon,
You crazy old crazy loon".
"Why thank you Ice, cheers for that,
You stupid little dopey brat".

Said Mr Cold, to Mr Ice,
"I'll see you soon with good advice".
Then two weeks later, they did meet,
To discuss their plan, nice and discreet.
With no one around to hear a sound,
So no one knew what’s going down.
"Now this is the plan". Mr Cold did say,
"I'll blow my trumpet at beginning of play.

To make the air as cold as sin,
Then the Snow family you can join in.
And do your best to win, win, win,
As we cause havoc and dreadful sin.
Which will be dangerous in the sky?
As Mr Sun will come and try.
To do his best to stop our plot,
So we'll need help from the cloudy lot.

So will someone tell them to block his way?
So we have no trouble hopefully that day.
Then after the Snow family have done their bit,
Then you the Ice family can let rip.
Making everything turn to ice,
So we can freeze them humans nice.
Bit by bit until we win,
Killing of life through evil and sin".

"Sounds like a good plan". Said Mr Snow,
"When will this happen so we can go",
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"You'll get a bell anytime soon,
And then the world it will be doomed.
Into silence so we can be free,
To live our life’s the way we see".
"Mr Cold that’s a good plan,
I'm very amazed you understand.

That you got this far without a hitch,
And not a word from that witch.
The wicked one that comes from hell,
With flames of fire from the devils spell".
"Don't worry about her, she’s no threat,
She hates the humans don't forget.
As she’s been trying for many years,
To kill the humans so have no fear".

"I see, I see now Mr Cold,
Well that’s one good thing to be told".
Said Mr Ice now having a laugh,
Thinking this was easy and totally daft.
"Remember what happens in perfect song,
Because the humans are smart and strong.
"I see, I see now Mr Cold"
Said Mr Snow as he strolled.

To the door and stood still,
"Don't you worry the humans we'll kill.
Mark my words this winters ours,
Forever and ever and not for hours.
Said Mr Snow as quick as you like,
"I'll see that cloudy bunch tonight.
Then when you give that final bell,
The world will be ours, I can tell".

Then one week later, the call was sent,
It was time to go, so of they went.
Out in force, now boys and girls,
To take over our beautiful world.
Now Mr Cold started with ease,
Coming in with a gentle breeze.
Then Mr Snow he gave it a go,
Falling lightly as you know.

Getting heavier, right not wrong,
With the winds becoming strong.
Bringing drifts and blizzards to,
Then night time came, out of the blue.
For Mr Ice to start his part,
With all his love, in his heart.
Turning everything into ice,
Which made conditions not very nice?

But the humans coped for a while,
Staying indoors in comfort and style.
Not knowing that they where set up,
By Mr Cold the crazy nut.
Until one month later, when things got worse,
Then the humans knew, they where under a curse.
Which made them pray, day by day?
A couple at first, I say, I say.

Then a few more joined in now as well,
Then even more to break this spell.
The more that prayed, the more it worked,
To stop this craziness from this jerk.
The ice started melting and so did the snow,
Then things got better I hope you know.
The sun came out in a bright blue sky,
Giving the humans belief so high.

Melting the ice, melting the snow,
Stopping the cold in the world we know.
Stopping all evil in a natural way,
So the humans could see the light of day.
As a miracle happened without a choice,
That’s because of a heavenly voice.
"I hear you humans cry for me,
To help you out, in prayer so free".

As God he said "let there be light".
While turning evil to make things right.
So thank you Lord, the humans did pray,
For showing us the light and saving our day.
For your our saviour from up above,
That’s brought us Jesus with all your love.
To give us something forever to hold,
And that’s pure love for the young and the old.

By Dr Geebers