Thursday, 12 January 2012

Angery Thoughts

Taking the time to see what’s right
Everyday and every night
Until someone comes looking a fight
You know what now lays insight

Angry thoughts, angry times
People going around exploding their minds
Kicking and punching all the time
Until that person hurts so fine

Alternatively, maybe they will die
And meet their maker in the sky
For what they have done, let’s hope and cry
As life goes on and that’s no lie

Unless what happens is all wrong
For they didn’t know what’s going on
Now they’re dead the billabong
Isn’t that sad for the weak not strong

Then it happens to someone like you
They've done wrong and know it too
Like the pedophiles out of the blue
Hip, hip, hooray, here's what you do

While taking the time to do what’s right
Everyday and every night
Even though your always polite,
You'll show these pedophiles what's insight

By Dr Geebers