Monday, 16 January 2012

Sitting On The Street

When I sit here on the street,
Rhyming words that are unique.
You pass me by in disgrace,
While spitting on my poor face.

As I try to help myself,
To make things better without wealth.
So I can do what I can,
To survive upon this land.

To rise among the rich with glory,
To tell the world a different story.
About what its like upon the street,
In words of rhyme that are unique.

Even though it can get cold,
I won't be here when I am old.
Because I belief in what I do,
To help people like me to.

As I am one who has a heart,
Who will try his best I do remark.
To show the world as a nation,
That homeless people where Gods creation.

Even though we have our doubts,
In life itself and what it’s about.
As we will survive by any means,
Even when we get ourselves clean.

To do the things that has to be done,
To help those people, one on one.
To show the world, what we can do,
Because we know God loves us to.

By Dr Geebers