Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ups and downs

Ups and downs
Many people
With many frowns

Acting clowns
In many towns
Many people
Listening to sounds

So unique
From the street
Many people
Like to repeat

As a treat
As they turn up the heat
Many people
Lie and cheat

In school classes
To the masses
Many people
Wearing glasses

With backstage passes
As lightening flashes
Many people
Hearing drumbeat smashes

Along with trance
Making that stance
Many people
Simply dance

On the chance
From here to france
Many people
With world romance

To drum & bass
Of their face
Many people
Go to outerspace

In the human race
With the love of grace
Many people
Simply give chase

With untied lace
Which is ace
Many people
Simply imbrace

Hip-Hop rap
With a top hat
Many people
Fall in your lap

Splittity splatt
And all that
Many people
Talking crap

Along with R&B
Flowing free
Many people
Simply see

The rthythmic plea
Of the world at sea
Many people
Including you and me

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