Friday, 4 October 2013

Now a here a we a go

Now a here a we a go
What am I gonna say
Is gonna feel crazy
In a crazy way
As my anger boils over
Day by day
Now a here a we a go a
What can I say
For the devil wants to take control
Givin me passion for my specific roll
Even though I'm not on the dole
I keep doing things to achieve my goal
Getting into trouble that's not good
Yet this is life in any neighbourhood
Doing things and being rude
 Just to earn pennies for my food
Even shoplifting in the past
Going clubbing and having a blast
Rhyming words incredibly fast
This is me now at last
Creating art which is cool
Turning around from being a fool
Who didn't learn much really at school
Now pebbles and words are my main tool
To break away from the norm
To create an almighty massive storm
In a way to be reborn
And my words will stick like a thorn
Into your heart forever and ever
As people say I'm real clever
But this is life one big endeavour
So I won't die now surely never

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