Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Perfect Moment

When your in the moment
It's the way to be
As you hear the birds
Flying simply free

Understand the madness
From deep within your soul
For this is the perfect moment
That no one can control

As your heart skips a beat
Through the love that you hold
For that special someone
That never grows cold

Which keeps you alive
In the times of need
As you share that perfect moment
With that person oh yes indeed

Bringing you close together
No matter where you are
Now that's the perfect moment
Oh yes oh by far

Until you meet again
This is love that is true
That remembers that special moment
When I simply met you

Giving me absolute pleasure
For the world to see
In that perfect moment
Way down by the sea

Giving me the strength
To write these words so true
Because I want to say them
Because I LOVE YOU

Fucked up

Fucking bitches and fucking cunts
Fucked up people on national hunts
Fucking bastards and fucking whores
Fucked up people wanting more
Fucking assholes and fucking twat's
Fucked up people taking that
Fucking governments and fucking M.P.s
Fucked up people with their degrees
Fucking terrorists and fucking gangs
Fucked up people going bang
Fucking guns and fucking bombs
Fucked up people going wrong
Fucking drugs and fucking drink
Fuck you up don't you think
Because your wasted and don't fucking care
Because we are fucked up people and we are everywhere

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Never Give Up

Never give up
My little friend
Never give up
At all
Be that person
 That you are
Now never give up
Stand tall
No matter the rejection
Or what's going on at the time
Just never ever simply give up
And you'll be fine
No matter how hard the pressure is
Never give up at all
Because breaking the rules is what you do
So you can simply rise tall
For you are an artist
No matter how it may seem
So never ever simply give up
And never ever be mean
So get out there and do what you do
And never ever feel low
Now show everyone your the best
As you simply give it a go
And please enjoy it the best you can
For that's what life's about
Now show us what you can do
This we simply shout
That's it now please stand tall
And make the world see
That your the one who is the best
And will live on in history

Friday, 24 May 2013

Give us the power

Give us the power
Is what we all say
Give us the power
At the end of the day
Give us the power
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Give us the power
And we'll blow you away

So a here a we a go
A whats you gonna do
\in a world full of chaos
As troubles brew
With people dying
Because of you
Which is real life
In a world so true
No matter religion
Colour or race
We all got problems
And troubles to face
Which blows our heads
To outer space
Well on our tip-toes
As the police give chase

Give us the power
Is what we all say
Give us the power
At the end of the day
Give us the power
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Give us the power
And we'll blow you away

So a here a we a go
A what's it gonna be
As the Pedo's simply abuse
And let to roam free
Attacking our young souls
To a main degree
Ripping out their hearts
In a way that's not meant to be
With rapists on the lurch
Doing what they do
Not caring about their victims
Which is simply true
Oh what a sick world
We all live in too
Yet the law has to be broken
As we punish them for you

Give us the power
Is what we all say
Give us the power
At the end of the day
Give us the power
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Give us the power
And we'll blow you away

So a here a we a go
A what's you gonna say
As many people unite
In a really crazy way
To do what we got to do
As we simply play
With the rules of life
For prisons the only way
To get at these sick scum
Who laugh in our face
Who don't really belong
In the human race
For we all know
Their an absolute disgrace
For this is real life
And the problems others face

Give us the power
Is what we all say
Give us the power
At the end of the day
Give us the power
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Give us the power
And we'll blow you away

So a here a we a go
A what's up now
I'm bloody arrested
Oh what for now
Beating a paedophile
Oh what WoW
I should a got a medal
Not jail somehow
But this is real life
So what you gonna do
Take it on the chin
And simply pull through
Holding your head up high
So what's new
To be released
To do what you do

Give us the power
Is what we all say
Give us the power
At the end of the day
Give us the power
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Give us the power
And we'll blow you away
Do you hear us now
It's what we all say
Because we have the power
At the end of the day
And when it happens
Oh yeah yeah yeah
We'll show you the power
That'll blow you away

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

R.I.P. Lea Williams

What goes round
Always comes round
In a way
Of leaps and bounds
Even outside upon the ground
Only ten fold
It shall be found

As you get attacked
So what the heck
In a life
That's a simply wreak
Which is true make no mistake
Only ten fold
Then comes the wake

For your dead
Totally brown bread
It's not good
Through the life you've lead
Which is true so it's said
Only ten fold
And now your dead

Unless you survive
And stay alive
In a world
Where you strive
To be the best with pure drive
Only ten fold
To really thrive

Yet you know
The ultimate blow
Is when your mistaken
So here we go
As people try to stab you so
Only ten fold
In your sleeping bag though

Or simply punch
With a crunch
And kicking you
While being staunch
Even though they've had their lunch
Only ten fold
Through some hunch

That you are them
So they do it again
And if your zipped up
No good my friend
Because you've no way to defend
Only ten fold
To the bitter end

Or your shot at
Oh what a rat
Even though
You did what
Killing you or maybe not
Only ten fold
In the life you got

So it is true
What would you do
Per tact   yourself
Now wouldn't you
Because that's what you got to do
Only ten fold
On the street it is true

Yet my friend
It is the end
Never to see you
Ever again
Yet these words I write and send
Only ten fold
Will remember you my friend

R.I.P Lea Williams

This man was a homeless person I knew and was a wonderfully generous person who was trying to sort his life out.
The the most horrendous thing happened which would scare any person homeless or not and happens to many homeless everyday. 

Love you man

To read some of the news reports please click on the links below.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Getting Pissed Of For Creating Art

Getting pissed of for creating art
Out on the beach oh what a start
On Brighton seafront to make my mark
To show the world the ultimate spark

With nowhere to live except the beach
Creating art no one can teach
And trying not to be a leech
In a world of darkness I simply screech

So I put up a tent to keep myself clean
That someone has gave me and everyone's seen
Along with duvets because I'm keen
To show the world what I mean

After walking the coast in due respect
To write a book oh what a mistake
To help homeless charities for the crack
After a newspaper told lies which is fact

Which pissed me of more which is true
And I didn't have to do what I did do
Because I didn't care about life too
And all I wanted was to be like you

To have a place and a simple job
So I didn't have to go out and rob
To make ends meet to get a few bob
But this is life for the down and out snob

Thinking that homeless charities would like my cause
And help me out without no claws
To give them something along with applause
As I went out and broke many laws

Just to create art no other would dare
In a world of chaos that is never fair
Yet I was right they don't care
Because I'm no artist this I swear

I'm just a bum out on the road
Who simply lives life no fixed abode
Doing what I do before I explode
Hoping one day my body will corrode

Going through all weathers and becoming ill
This was real stupid and probably is still
Yet like I say its one heck of a thrill
That even newspapers can simply kill

And so do these charities that I want to help
Because I have been there and know what I felt
But they don't care I simply yelp
So no much wonder the homeless hate the life their dealt

As they keep fighting each day and night
To conquer the demons that's never right
After being pissed on from a great height
Then set on fire burning bright

Which I know is simply true
Because it happened to me too
With patronizing interviews oh what's new
I am no one so how do you do

With many a newspaper sharing my story
Of walking the coast oh don't bore me
Which was nice to get the glory
Yet its still not a good enough story

And I am no voice for no homeless person
But as I write this i'm simply cursing
Well out loud with no diversion
With a sore head I am simply nursing

For I'm now messed up in the head
And realizing it I am brown bread
As addiction still boils really instead
Now simply hoping I'll end up dead 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Brain Cellls Firing

Brain cells firing
On all fours
Smashing your head
Breaking down doors
Exploding minds
Like dancing boars
Bouncing to the beat
On many floors

As the artists head
Simply spins
Raging temper
Who dare wins
Facing councils
Here it begins
Its simply better
Than eatting from bins

Creating art
In the public eye
While living outside
To simply die
Yet your trying
And don't know why
To change your life
So you can fly

With the seagulls
In pure flight
Never giving up
Isn't that right
Burning fuel
In your flight
To help others
Fly alright

Burning bridges
In many a way
Looking for something
To brighten your day
Then you see an artist
Through what seems grey
Using colours
To see what you say

Bursting his balls
And sweating even more
Doing his thing
Right upon the shore
Building sculptures
Totally hardcore
While helping others
Oh what a bore

Even though
It generates a smile
So my efforts
Have been worthwhile
But I don't get paid
For this new style
That's made your day
In this world
That's vile

But I get hassle
For helping you out
On a miserable day
That's what I'm about
For like many an artist
We love to shout
How good we are
Yet we have nought

Only a talent
That makes you smile
In a moment
When nothings worthwhile
But think yourself lucky
For this is my style
To help out everyone
And go that extra mile

Yet when anger creeps in
And you don't know what to do
Because you feel
The world is against you
Because you've been homeless
And in the gutters too
Yet no one recognises
This life is hard too

So you want to give up
On what you really believe
Because you know
Others don't want you to achieve
Even if
You live or breath
Because they are out for themselves
With no time to grieve

Which pisses you more
And cuts to the bone
As some people want to change
And leave street life alone
Move on in life
Like the mobile phone
Become bigger and better
And not be on their own

To live in the gutters
And simply die
Because they give up fighting
And that's no lie
So they are better of dead
As I ask myself why?
Because only the strong survive
And the rest of us die

Dam Brighton Council

Dam dam dam 
Is what I can say
To Brighton council
At the end of the day

For being so pathetic
Towards a down and out
Who's really an artist
Most people simply shout

Yet no matter how I try
To better myself now
I end up in the papers
For messing up somehow

Yet if you have no home
Then what you gonna do
Your gonna rob and steal
Or beg on the streets too

Yet I create art
And busk with it yes
So I can live life
On peanuts I guess

Yet the bigger I go
And try to help others too
By giving them a chance
Of something real new

The council don't like me
For putting up a tent
So we could have a little luxury
That's money well spent

Then others buy you duvets
That change your life around
From sleeping in a doorway
On a really cold ground

Then you get a camping stove
Eatting three meals a day
Wow how your life has changed
In a really simple way

Then you get an eviction notice
For having up a tent
That's simply keeping you dry
On this magical stint

While taken on another person
Who is homeless too
Who's an alcoholic
That everyone hates true

For their normally shoutting abuse
While shoplifting as well
Now their picking up stones
With a better story to tell

Becoming sober
And talking to people alright
Having clean clothes
The futures looking bright

Yet the eviction notice hovers
Twisting our simple minds
Blowing up or dreams
Of having better times

So back to the doorway
We simply go
Back to drinking heavily
And smoking loads of blow

Well this is what has happened
After one hell of a life
As I the crazy artist
Who made a sacrifice

To show how hard it is
To change your life around
From being a homeless person
Who sleeps on the ground

To becoming a pebble artist
Who sculptures for free
Loose pebbles on a beach
Simply by the sea

Which takes many days
And looks awesome upon the shore
Just a pity Brighton council
Don't help me a bit more

Or their homeless charities
That help give us all support
Even though they don't really care
About one homeless mans report

So no much wonder many artists
Simply sleep outside
Because they love live art
That comes from their pride

So if you are an artist
And you come up with something new
Then keep breaking all the rules
Because that's what you have to do

For you are no one special
If you have no money or are clean
So go break all the rules
And live the flipping dream

And tell all flipping councils
You don't care no more
For Brighton was my arts birthplace
Upon the UK shore

And I'm the only one 
Who creates big sculptures for free
That's why artists from the UK
Don't get help you see

Yet one day I will make it
In my own simple way
And I will always be helping others
Who live day by day

For they need my help
More than the charities do
Because life is not easy
And the homeless know it too

Never judge a book by its cover
Is what you all say
Well never judge someones name
Or how they look on that day

For many homeless I know
Don't want to be seen this way
And would love my help
So they can live day by day

So they can get a flat
Before it's far to late
And their the next to die
Just like my best mate

Oh well that is life
For many a down and out
But if you don't give them a chance
Then they'll never feel what real life's all about

And that's helping others
While enjoying life too
To rise among the toughest
To show what they can do

To put smiles on many faces
Even though they're in a state
But this is real life
Which is tempting fate

Click on the link above to see what I really do and how hard it has been for someone like myself to be the person I am.

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Artists Way

What do you know?
What do you do?
In this life
Which is true
As we break the rules
Upon the street
To live life
Without defeat
Banging your head
Against the grain
While creating magic
Thats in sane
But it is true
With no way out
As we rise and fall
And know what lifes about
Hoping for better times
What would you do?
Would you give up?
Or carry on too
While trying to better your self
No matter what
In life its self
Or maybe naught
Well who cares
As long as you know
You are that artist
Who will never let go
Of your dream
To be the best
Because this is real life
Which is one big test
With no first prize
In what you do
Except that feeling
Thats deep in you
So stand and be counted
Please have no fear
And one of these days
Will start a new year
As people read your words
And see what you do
Then maybe something will happen
That will change your life too
As your career takes a right turn
And blossoms over night
As the masses go mental
For what you simply write
With overall enjoyment
Because of who you are
For are that artist
Who has the power
To make people listen
To what you have to say
So never give up
No never no way