Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Perfect Moment

When your in the moment
It's the way to be
As you hear the birds
Flying simply free

Understand the madness
From deep within your soul
For this is the perfect moment
That no one can control

As your heart skips a beat
Through the love that you hold
For that special someone
That never grows cold

Which keeps you alive
In the times of need
As you share that perfect moment
With that person oh yes indeed

Bringing you close together
No matter where you are
Now that's the perfect moment
Oh yes oh by far

Until you meet again
This is love that is true
That remembers that special moment
When I simply met you

Giving me absolute pleasure
For the world to see
In that perfect moment
Way down by the sea

Giving me the strength
To write these words so true
Because I want to say them
Because I LOVE YOU