Thursday, 31 January 2013

There was a young drunk on the street

There was a young drunk on the street
Who had really smelly feet
They where that bad
Even the rats where glad
When he went to the shop for his treat

There was a young woman so fine

There was a young woman so fine
Who liked to drink bottles of wine
No matter the day
She'd do it anyway
And then she would want to drink mine

When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes
I feel the sadness and realise
You need someone simply like me
Who lives life totally for free
Yet when you get to know me too
You'll see my sadness that shines through
With no money on my side
I write and create with all my pride
To be someone that is lost
In a world more bitter than frost
As I stand and fight alone
Simply to protact my mobile phone
And all the dignitty that I hold
Even when I'm out in the cold
Hoping for something I cannot find
Or maybe it's because I am blind
As I throw it all away
With an addictive personality that's here to stay
Well this is me an artist you see
Who wants a life and someone who loves me
So when I'm lost as a civilian
In a world of total oblivian
I have someone who I can trust
Which is more important than having lust
Yet you are precious in everyway
And I long to see you everyday
Even though it's all my felt
I can't help the life I'm dealt
So please remember I love you so
Even though its cold you know
And always remember our very first kiss
For that is something I surely do miss

Living The Life Of A Poet

Living the life of a poet
And a sculptor too
Out on the open road
Can be very hard to do
Even though you have words
And your materials are free
It is really hard to survive
Especially down by the sea
With really heavy winds
The snow and the rain
Then there's those people
Who try to drive you in sane
By setting you on fire
Or beat you up as well
For they want what you got
In words that they can sell
Yet you got to survive
No matter the obstacles ahead
Even though you know
Your better of dead
Some will hit you with hammers
Or stab you in the heart
This is real street life
That happens after dark
Yet if you have no money
What are you going to do
Would you break the law
To survive would you
While trying to live the dream
So you can get of the street
To carry on your art
Which comes out so unique
Or would you lay down
And drink yourself to death
Or even take drugs
To your very last breath
Or would you simply squat
And hope for the best
Even though you got no money
Well this is life's real test

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

There was a good cue with chalk

There was a good cue with chalk
That liked to really talk
When along came his master
Oh what a disaster
And gaged him with his sock

There was a young man so kind

There was a young man so kind
He left his possessions behind
When along came a cat
At the drop of a hat
And robbed the poor man blind

There was a young man in a suite

There was a young man in a suite
Who really liked his fruit
So he went on the rob
And did a good job
Until he got caught with all the loot

Monday, 28 January 2013


When your feeling all the things
That no one understands
In a life that you live
Yet you've never planned
As the people walking past you
At the side of the road
As your writing in your sleeping bag
While living no fixed abode
Hoping for a proper meal
Instead of can in hand
Even though its real freezing
Upon this very land
With Christmas simply over now
Please have no fear
For everyone will help you out
After spreading Christmas cheer
Yet you have no benefits
And try to keep yourself clean
Even though many others
Want to treat you mean
With no Identification
Its even harder too
This is real life now
So don't think it won't happen to you
And if it really does
You'll find it really tough
For you will have to fight
To hold on to your stuff
For others will simply rob you
As they fight for survival too
Out on the streets
Where death can come for true

Im Feeling All The Magic

I'm feeling all the magic inside and didn't know what to do
So I sit and wrote this little rhyme simply for all of you
As my heart it skips a beat in a way it cannot be
While your smile took me by surprise way down by the sea
With a sparkle coming from your eyes that I'd never seen before
As I said you looked beautiful walking through that door
I simply could not understand it as my hesrt it skipped a beat
Even though i'm a talented bum sleeping out on the street
Doing what I have to do to hopefully live each day
To put smiles on many faces before I simply go grey
So please remember you are the one that simply wrote this out
For if I hadn't met you then this rhyme would never came about

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hear Me Drowning

Hear me drowning
In my sleep
As I lay here
And simply weep
Out in the cold
What would you do?
Feeling the weather
Going blue
Understanding it
Or maybe not
Here we go
I'm losing the plot
Way below freezing
Give me a drink
Or even a spliff
To make me think
For this is no good
No not at all
So please do remember
Please never fall
Into the darkness
Never to return
Or you'll simply die
Or simply burn