Monday, 28 January 2013


When your feeling all the things
That no one understands
In a life that you live
Yet you've never planned
As the people walking past you
At the side of the road
As your writing in your sleeping bag
While living no fixed abode
Hoping for a proper meal
Instead of can in hand
Even though its real freezing
Upon this very land
With Christmas simply over now
Please have no fear
For everyone will help you out
After spreading Christmas cheer
Yet you have no benefits
And try to keep yourself clean
Even though many others
Want to treat you mean
With no Identification
Its even harder too
This is real life now
So don't think it won't happen to you
And if it really does
You'll find it really tough
For you will have to fight
To hold on to your stuff
For others will simply rob you
As they fight for survival too
Out on the streets
Where death can come for true

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