Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Sometimes days can get you down,

        Taking its toll upon the ground.

        As you try to stay clean,

        Yes that’s right from drugs I mean.

        In this life of sacrifice,

        Now saying no is really nice.

        Giving you a chance, as you fight,


        Cleaning up your act isn't that right.

        Letting your words take control,

        Enhancing your spirit, body and soul.

        As you go fourth, with Gods faith,

        Now understanding your life he saved


        Kicking the habits, of drugs and drink,

        In this life, makes you think.

        Crazy thoughts, that sounds so daft,

        Killing of time, to make people laugh.

        In a world, of violence and fun,

        Never going back, to what you've done.

        Going on, from strength to strength,


        To show people love, by any length.

        Having the time to write what’s wrong,

        Enhancing your spirit, so you stay strong.


        Hoping that you, can stay clean,

        Along life’s road, that can be mean.

        Because in your heart you know what to do,

        In this life that belongs to you.

        Then you can stand and be proud,

        Saying you kicked the habits, right out loud.



        Homeless people, black or white,

        Over the world, day and night.

        Move around, from town to town,

        Eventually settling, themselves down.

        Leaving behind, the street life past,

        Ending their misery, oh what a task.

        Securing a future, for the best,

        So they can better, themselves yes.

        Never ever, looking back,

        Encouraged by others, for a fact

        So they can achieve, something new,

        So please help them, please will you.



        Seeing the things people go through,

        Taking abuse by passers by to.

        Realising things can get worse,

        Eventually because of realities curse.

        Easily slipping right back down,

        To that level that you found.


        Little by little as you let go,

        Into the world of drugs you know.

        Finding a friend to hold on to,

        Ending that feeling you got in you.


Do you know what this is?

In plain English without taking the piss.

Please tell me, what I can see,

So I can understand now this for free.

Oh I see now, is that right,

Mankind’s fuel for a fight.

Alcoholism is what it means,

Now that is something that’s in my dreams.

Including a bottle, including a glass,

Another drink please, I beg, I ask.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Taking a strole

Taking a stroll
Down by the sea
Hand in hand
You and me

Looking at the birds
Flying free
Past the pier
Don't you agree

Sitting on a groyne
With can in hand
Looking at the sea
So nice and calm

Wondering why
I'm in this place
In the middle of the day
Looking to outer space

Thinking of obstacles
That will get in the way
Of you and me
This special day

For your my friend
So close to my heart
That enjoys life
Mysterious and dark

Yet I'm the one
Who's simply lost
In life it's self
At no extra cost

Even though
I simply know
I'm a talented person
In perfect flow

Yet when I'm down
I'm a clown
Who wants to simply
Drown drown drown

As pressures arise
Through what i do
Well this is reality
So simple but true

I see you a looking at me

I see you
A looking at me
As you walk down the street
So fancy free

Completely freezing
To a degree
Yet I'm in a sleeping bag
Yes it's me

As Many people
Have shopping galore
And all I want
Is an open door

With no money
Oh what a bore
I wish someone
Would give us a score

To help us out
Without a doubt
It's my birthday
I cry and shout

Even though
I own nought
I truly know
What life's about

So I write out
These crazy rhymes
While hoping for
Better times

As I look 
At the moon that shines
And start thinking
About creating crimes

To simply survive
Out on the street
This is life
I must repeat

In a way
That's totally unique
Even though
There's not much heat

So Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
I hope you enjoy it
Without any fear

Along with your wine
Or pint of beer
As you go around
Spreading your Christmas cheer

I was living in a doorway

I was living in a doorway
Writing in rhyme
Having a crazy birthday 
At Christmas time

Feeling all the magic
Along with Frenchy too
And little Marley
Who where homeless too

Even though it was freezing
Steve came along
Along with Polish Gabbie
His partner who's strong

All cuddled up together
To take in each others heat
So we could all survive
Simply on the street

Now this is real life
In a place no one should be
Now thank you my friends
For being there for me

Even though I had no money
And was completely on my ass
They came along
Which was first class

Because they love what I do
And what I create
And said one simple thing
Which I can relate

And that is no one
 Should ever be left out
Even though we have nothing
We know what life's about

And that's helping each other
 Which brought a tear to my eye
 Yet this is street life
Which is no word of a lie

For no matter your religion
 Colour or race
 The small things in life count
As we try to find our place

Yet some have addictions
 Which covers their pain
 Just like myself
With no one to blame

Only I found my answer
 Through art and rhyme
 Which has changed my life round
And could help others in time

Smile be happy

Smile be happy
Do what you got to do
Don't be sad now
No matter what happens to you
Feel all the energy
Coming from within
Giving you pleasure
As it creeps under your skin
Know the moment
Feel it for sure
As you do all the things
That comes to you so pure
Understand the madness
As you feel the pain
It's one of those things now
That's driving you in sane
So smile be happy
It's not the end of the world
Just enjoy life
Every boy and girl
Think yourselves lucky
You don't live on the street
Rhyming out words
That come out so unique
In a way for everyone to see
So smile be happy
It's the only way to be
That's it everyone
You know what to do
Just smile and be happy
And live life so true
Because a smile costs nothing
And is absolutely free
So smile and be happy
It's the only way to be