Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Smile be happy

Smile be happy
Do what you got to do
Don't be sad now
No matter what happens to you
Feel all the energy
Coming from within
Giving you pleasure
As it creeps under your skin
Know the moment
Feel it for sure
As you do all the things
That comes to you so pure
Understand the madness
As you feel the pain
It's one of those things now
That's driving you in sane
So smile be happy
It's not the end of the world
Just enjoy life
Every boy and girl
Think yourselves lucky
You don't live on the street
Rhyming out words
That come out so unique
In a way for everyone to see
So smile be happy
It's the only way to be
That's it everyone
You know what to do
Just smile and be happy
And live life so true
Because a smile costs nothing
And is absolutely free
So smile and be happy
It's the only way to be

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