Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I see you a looking at me

I see you
A looking at me
As you walk down the street
So fancy free

Completely freezing
To a degree
Yet I'm in a sleeping bag
Yes it's me

As Many people
Have shopping galore
And all I want
Is an open door

With no money
Oh what a bore
I wish someone
Would give us a score

To help us out
Without a doubt
It's my birthday
I cry and shout

Even though
I own nought
I truly know
What life's about

So I write out
These crazy rhymes
While hoping for
Better times

As I look 
At the moon that shines
And start thinking
About creating crimes

To simply survive
Out on the street
This is life
I must repeat

In a way
That's totally unique
Even though
There's not much heat

So Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
I hope you enjoy it
Without any fear

Along with your wine
Or pint of beer
As you go around
Spreading your Christmas cheer

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