Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I was living in a doorway

I was living in a doorway
Writing in rhyme
Having a crazy birthday 
At Christmas time

Feeling all the magic
Along with Frenchy too
And little Marley
Who where homeless too

Even though it was freezing
Steve came along
Along with Polish Gabbie
His partner who's strong

All cuddled up together
To take in each others heat
So we could all survive
Simply on the street

Now this is real life
In a place no one should be
Now thank you my friends
For being there for me

Even though I had no money
And was completely on my ass
They came along
Which was first class

Because they love what I do
And what I create
And said one simple thing
Which I can relate

And that is no one
 Should ever be left out
Even though we have nothing
We know what life's about

And that's helping each other
 Which brought a tear to my eye
 Yet this is street life
Which is no word of a lie

For no matter your religion
 Colour or race
 The small things in life count
As we try to find our place

Yet some have addictions
 Which covers their pain
 Just like myself
With no one to blame

Only I found my answer
 Through art and rhyme
 Which has changed my life round
And could help others in time

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