Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dont Ever Become Homeless

Don't ever become homeless
Not in the UK
Because the charities don't care
If we got nowhere to stay

As long as their hostels
Are full to the brim
Then they don't care
Which is a sin
So we got to do 
What we got to do
To stay alive
Which is hard too

For we are up against everything
Out on the rode
So some of us become travellers
Living no fixed abode

Using our talents
The best way we can
To help ourselves
And our fellow man

As the Christians pray
Which is no good
But we got nowhere to live
In their neighbourhood

Because we have no local connection
Which is a shame
Even an artist like me
And Dr Geebers my name

Who walked the whole coast
On a homeless awareness tour
From being homeless
Oh for sure
Brighton to Brighton
Through all weathers
Which I thought 
Was really clever
To get a book written
To help homeless charities gallore
But to my amazement
It didn't open no door
Which pissed me off
And I was in News papers too
I was even on T.V.
So how do you do
For creating loose pebble sculptures
On 44 beaches
One awesome journey
That's left me speachless
So heres to the future
And heres to the past
Thats if it happens
Or bloody well lasts
But the real truth is
If it happens to you
Your better of dieing
Outside creating whats new
Because the charities don't care
As long as they get their wage
To go home to their house
And turn a new page
So the homeless person
He or she has to cope
By themseleves
You might as well give them a rope
As we mix with the wrong people
And simply try to survive
The weather, the temptation
Just to stay alive
Yet the cold gets to many
So they turn to drink and drugs
Some don't want to be noticed
So they become thugs
Others have connections
And become drug dealers too
Why because the system
Has failed them too
So they are better of in prison
Oh by far
Learning rehabilatation
Hour after hour
But when they come out
What they gonna do
The only thing they know
Is how to survive too
For the big money is easy
And gives you a great life
But if you get caught
Well that's sacrifice
Which is all worth it
If you go down that road
Yet some of us want to change
Before we explode
So we do great journeys
To help others too
Yet we are the underdogs
Isn't that true
Well this is life
For the down and out
We are better off dead
We cry and shout
Because we live in hell
Looking for PEACE
Until we go to heaven
When we die at least

So some commit succide
By simply having a hit
Because its nice to have something
So death don't feel like shit

Because it isn't easy
Living on the street
So rest in peace my friends
Even I admit defeat


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