Friday, 14 November 2014

Here Comes Santa

Oh dear no
Not again
Here comes Santa
With half a brain
Through the snow
Sleet and rain
Delivering presents
He must be in sane

With a bottle of brandy
And a big zoot too
As the reindeer's unite
Watching what the elf's do
As they pass it around
To one another
Oh yes a big bong
But why do they bother

Well to be honest
If you do a good deed
And are a true artist
Then you will succeed
For money means nothing
But surely does help
Yet the UK is exspensive
And in the pocket its felt

Yet some of us work for free
By busking on the street
To hopefully pay for accomadation
And maybe something to eat
Which isn't good
So don't be surprised
If people walking past us
Give us evil eyes

Sinking in deep
Right to your soul
As you try to change things around
To simply achieve your goal
One day it may happen
In a really crazy way 
As you become an artist
Who simply makes it I say

So never ever give up
Because it could happen to you
You could be up there with Santa
Who's a legend too
Along with his rendeer's
And elf's its true
Says me Dr Geebers
So how do you do


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