Friday, 8 February 2013

Feel the emotions I have for you,

Feel the emotions I have for you,
Blossom, shine and come true.
As we go fourth with clouds above,
To bring peace, and share our love.

Feel my heart as it beats,

Feel my heart as it beats,
With all my love that’s quite unique.
For you my darling everyday,
So you can cherish and remember always.

Days come, days go,

Days come, days go,
Years come, years go.
Love comes, love goes,
But true love always grows.

Beat, beat, beat, goes my heart,

Beat, beat, beat, goes my heart,
Jumping and skipping from the start.
For you my darling I must say,
As my heart, belongs to you this day.

Affectionate moments and passionate times,

Affectionate moments and passionate times,
Changes everything in our minds.
Bringing us together in times of fun,
Joining our hearts to become one.


Reach out my love with open mind,
Each day when things are bad,
And I'll be there to hold your hand,
Loosely so you are not sad.
Letting you see that I care,
Oh yes that’s right and true,
Vibrantly so my darling dear,
Each day I spend with you.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Look at me as I tell you,
Oh beautiful one of all,
Validate this little message,
Each day I come to call.

For you’re the one that’s in my heart,
Oh yes my darling dear,
Remember this right from the start,

Yet time will show things clear.
Oblige this message that I write,
Unworthy it may seem,

Most of all I hope you know,
You are my dieing dream.

Doing all the things that’s right,
Each day as they appear,
As you’re the one that’s in my heart,
Releasing my love so clear.


I love you, with all my heart,

Listen now as I remark.
On you my darling, dearest, dear,
Vocalize and you will hear.
Every word I mean so true,

Yes, that is right from me to you.
Only so you will see,
Undying love: which flows from me?

Gently grabbing at your soul,
Reminding you, as you grow old.
All the things that we have done,
Now that’s true love from your grandson.


I do not know how, I do not know why,
Now this is it and it is no lie.

Life is not easy, so I will come clean,
Oh yes that is right, I admit I am keen.
Very much so, that is why I am in bits,
Each time you kiss me upon my lips.


True love, is really what,
Revealing, secrets, which you have got.
Unreliable, is what its not,
Even when, you lose the plot.

Little by little, it will show,
Other people, which you know.
Very often in full flow,
Embracing your heart as it grows.


Follow the path to success,
Round and round nevertheless.
Over mountains, across the sea,
Making room, for love that’s free.

Taking time to enjoy the pleasures,
Holding on to memorable treasures.
Even if it’s not a lot,

Hold on to it for what it’s got.
Enjoy now what they mean to you,
And you will see what they can do.
Rising up with angles above,
To fill your heart, with forgotten love.


Love is something I hold for you,
Only in my heart so sweet but true.
Very often, which I do not say,
Even though, I want to each day.