Friday, 13 January 2012

Master Snoblet And His Golden Goblet

Master Snoblet was a gentle young soul,
That came from a family of wealth,
Who didn't understand his roll,
For he had a fortune of health.

Until this day he went for walk,
Away across his land,
That made him want to stand and talk,
To someone less far grand.

"How do you do my fine old fellow?
How are you today?
I hope you know". He began to bellow,
"It’s a beautiful day".

"It sure is". Said the little old man,
Shacking and nodding his head,
As he was there being calm,
For he was poaching it’s said.

"Can I ask you please old man,
Why do you steal from us?
Is it because that you can,
Or is it because you must".

"Well to be honest I live in a hut,
Way deep in the woods,
Because I’m in a little rut,
And need to poach my food".

"Oh I see so you come here,
To steal what you can eat",
"Yes that’s right and have no fear,
Because I keep things neat.

While I live here of this land,
That I really treasure,
For it helps me you understand,
And gives me lots of pleasure".

"That sounds good my little friend,
But why do this for free,
Where we could give you money to spend,
If you where paid a fee.

"I know, I know, what you do say,
To me now Master Snoblet,
But your father whose is grey,
Drinks out of a golden goblet.

And while he does the miserable sod,
Then I shall stay where I am,
For at least I know that I have God,
To keep me alive on land".

"Why say that, my fathers good,
To all the people he knows".
"Excuse me Master for being rude,
But money is what he grows.

He don't care about those whose dieing,
Or the people like little old me,
He thinks of himself and I’m not lying,
For money is what he sees.

Where I just see survival now,
Upon this beautiful land,
And when that day comes oh somehow,
I'll hope you'll understand".

"Who are you to tell me what?
How and when and where,
For I know what I’ve been taught,
And that’s never to care.

As long as you know what to do,
In business to stay ahead,
Don’t worry about the things round you?
And you'll be alright it’s said".

"I don't think so, that’s not true,
And your father will find out for free,
You've got to help the ones round you,
Or he'll end up like me.

All alone without a bean,
 Or even a friend as well,
And when that happens life is mean,
Now I can surely tell.

So trust me now like God above,
And someday you will see,
When hatred strikes with all its love,
You'll come looking for me.

To help you out Master Snoblet,
To change your life around,
As long as you bring that golden goblet,
To help the sick in town".

"What ever you say now little old man,
But I will not come back,
Not never ever is my plan,
Not down this muddy track".

So of he ran on his heels,
As quick as quick as can be,
Never to return to make this deal,
Well so he thought you see.

When all of a sudden five years later,
His father took a stroke,
But all his money that was on paper,
Made him totally broke.

Except for this goblet he knew in his mind,
But didn't know what to do,
For all his friends at the time,
Deserted him now to.

So Master Snoblet made the trip,
Back across his land,
And waited there for a bit,
To see this fine old man.

"I told you so now didn't I,
That you would definitely be back,
To find out before I die,
To get your life on track".

"Yes you did and I am sorry,
For not believing you,
And now I want to stop the worry,
To make life better to.

For we have lost all the land,
And all the things we own,
So you where right you understand,
So I’ve come here to moan.

And find out what I need to know,
So life’s a better place,
For my fathers sick you know,
Which is a big disgrace".

"Yes I understand my friend,
And I will help you for sure,
To do what’s right upon this land,
To help the sick and poor.

So come with me my little friend,
And see the things I see,
For I know now in the end,
That you have been like me.

No matter what you got in life,
You got to understand,
There’s people that have stress and strife,
All upon this land.

With some of them without a roof,
And lots of them all ill,
You got to see now all the proof,
To help them better still.

This is why my little friend,
I told you to bring that goblet,
Even if its not money we send,
Its goods then Master Snoblet.

Things to barter, things to sell,
All around this world,
To help the people who need help,
Like all our boys and girls".

"Oh thank you sir for being so kind,
For showing me life’s a winner,
At least I know now in my mind,
That you'll come round for dinner.

For I will get what I deserve,
Through the means of love,
While I see and observe,
Through our God above".

So of he went on life’s tour,
To see what he could do,
To help the sick and the poor,
Through all the knowledge he knew.

And to his amazement he seen the light,
In a very explicit way,
So he could do what was right,
To help out others each day.

Because money doesn’t mean a thing,
No not in any case,
But love is something that’s totally bling,
That brings a smile through grace.

By Dr Geebers