Friday, 13 January 2012

Master Frog and His Crazy Dog

"Oh dear no, please not again,
This stupid collar is driving me insane.
Why do this to me your friend,
You stupid man now once again".

"Oh stop it now you stupid dog,
Before I kick you like a hog.
Now put this lead on so we can walk,
Around and around now as we talk".=

"Oh why, oh why, do I have to?
It’s not fair, for me not you.
To walk around in this fine place,
With this lead in any case".

"I know, I know, but it’s the rules,
In case you’re violent you crazy fool.
And if you don't I’ll get a fine,
When going to court in due time".

"But it’s not fair, no not at all,
For I want love, I do recall.
With a female little bitch,
Who has a family who are rich"?

"I know, I know, I understand,
I want that to upon this land.
But you are really a stupid dog,
And all I want is a snog".

"Oh is that right, we'll wait and see,
For I will get an apology.
And when I do you'll be ashamed,
As a bad master who will be named"= .

"I don't think so, no not me,
For I’m your master, so simple and free.
And I will tell you what to do,
And you will understand it to".

"I told you no, no not again,
I won't do it, my little friend.
I won't let you, now take that,
You stupid crazy little brat".

"Stop it; stop it, your hurting me,
Stop it now, and let me be.
You stupid dog, what did I say,
Stop it now, I say, I say".

"How do you like it you crazy frog,
Coming from me your friendly dog.
Its not nice, is it now,
Ha, ha, ha, let’s have a row".

"Get this collar of my neck,
Do it now before I crack.
You stupid little stupid dog,
Do it now before there’s fog".

"Here it comes, there’s a good boy,
That’s it now, please enjoy.
Walkies, walkies, on all fours,
Lets go out now through those doors".

"What you doing to me you brat,
Yes you know now and all that.
I won't apologise and be shamed,
As a bad master who will be named"= .

"Oh yes you will, do you hear me,
Honestly now, you will you see.
For its not right for me today,
To have to do this to you I say".

"Ok, ok, I do submit,
To you now you little git,
Even though it is the rules,
I'm sorry really you little fool".

"That’s good, that’s good, you crazy Frog,
So now you know that I’m a dog.
When you take me for a walk,
Around and around as we talk".

By Dr Geebers