Friday, 13 January 2012

Master Rubble And His Amazing Bubble

Master Rubble was a quiet lad,
Who liked to run and play?
When doing things that made him glad,
For one fun day in May.

With all the crazy little thoughts,
That ran through his mind,
He understood what he was taught,
So he would stand and shine.

When going shopping with his mum,
He knew what she would do,
If he was good and not so dumb,
A present would come so true.

Until he seen it upon a shelf,
Staring striaght at him,
A nice small bottle for himself,
Which made him smile and grin?

"Oh mammy, mammy can I have".
He said out loud so true,
"Oh go on mammy". He began to laugh.
"Please buy it for me to".

"Oh what’s up son"? His mummy said,
While walking down the isle,
 Picking up a loaf of bread,
As she began to smile.

"Oh I see what you want,
But only if you’re good,
And don't you do your normal stunt,
By kicking all the food".

"I won't, I won't, I promise mum,
I won't put you to shame,
I promise I won't be so dumb,
And cause you any pain".

"You better not or you won't get,
A single thing in here".
"I won't, I won't, so don't forget,
I'll be good you hear".

Then with that he took the bottle,
And held it in his hand,
While making noises like the throttle,
Of any car on land.

Running round past the till,
Hitting speeds so great,
Which gave him now one big thrill?
For he was tempting fate.

Unscrewing the lid ever so slow,
Behind his mothers back,
And then he gave one huge big blow,
For fun make no mistake.

To give birth now to his bubble,
While laughing all the way,
For it was fun for Master Rubble,
To see him fly that day.

But would he burst the silly thing,
Oh no not at all,
For he now laughed as he did sing,
Until he hit the wall.

With all the pressure of the hit,
Released as he did fly,
When bouncing round the shop a bit,
As minutes they went by.

Bouncing of the shelves of fruit,
And bouncing of the beer,
While hitting someone oh please look,
Right upon their rear.

Knocking them right of their feet,
Head first into the fish,
While giving them a special treat,
As he now made a wish.

Until it landed on the till,
In front of his mum that day,
 And gave her one almighty thrill,
When bursting I say, I say.

Which made him laugh out very loud?
And want to do it again,
Until his mum came through the crowd,
Counting from one to ten.

"What did I tell you Master Rubble?
You naughty, naughty boy,
If you gave me any trouble,
I'll take away this toy".

"Oh please don't, I'll be good,
Honest I will now mum,
It wasn't me it was my food,
That splurted from my bum".

"Oh don't be silly you little fool,
I seen you blow that bubble,
And suppose you think that’s really cool,
Now do you Master Rubble.

Now wait until I get you home,
And you will really see,
For you will not be aloud to roam,
Or even watch T.V".

Said his mum in furious rage,
As she held him by the collar,
And pranced him up stage by stage,
Without now any bother.

"Now apologise for your disgrace,
To the manager of this store,
Before I wipe that smile of your face",
 She said with an almighty roar.

"I'm very sorry for what I’ve done.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble,
But it wasn't me now really mum,
It was that crazy bubble.

He made me do it you see you see,
For he was in my head,
Screaming shouting let me free,
It’s what he really said".

"That’s ok my little friend,
You know where you belong,
And it takes courage in the end,
To say that you where wrong.

Now promise me one little thing,
Before you leave my store,
Which may give you lots of bling?
And that’s being bad no more".

"I promise Miss". Said Master Rubble,
Wiping away his tears,
"I promise that I won't cause trouble,
Not in the coming years".

So of he walked away fancy free,
Along now with his mother,
Back home now to watch T.V.
Along with his young brother.

By Dr Geebers