Thursday, 12 January 2012

Feel The Anger

Feel the anger, feel the danger,
Keep it going, do not stop,
Feel the power, take you far,
Here we go, right to the top.

Feel the player, feel the slayer,
Cut you up, outside in,
Feel the magic, oh so tragic,
Here we go, through your skin.

Feel the Devil, feel his level,
And the stench, of his breath,
Feel him hot or maybe not,
Here we go, now that is death.

Feel the pain, Feel the brain,
With your hands so fancy free,
Feel them sticky, oh what a pity,
Here we go, deep in he.

Feel the liver, Feel it quiver,
As we go deep inside,
Feel his lungs, chew his tongue,
Here we go so full of pride.

Feel his hair, feel his stare,
With his fear that’s so divine.
Feel his blood in your gob,
Here we go all the time.

Feel the emotion, feel the explosion,
As his ribs just cave in,
Feel this master of disaster,
Here we go its evils sin.

Feel it yummy, feel it funny,
Through the Devils magic spell,
Feel it clever or maybe never,
As you all live in hell.

By Dr Geebers