Monday, 16 January 2012

The Homeless Man

It was one of those days,
That happened so fast,
When a row broke out,
As minutes they passed.

Then all of a sudden,
He was facing the street,
A life of hell,
This I repeat.

With nothing to do,
Except hit the bottle,
As his life fell to pieces,
Going full throttle.

With nowhere to sleep,
And very little money,
What could he do?
For this wasn't funny.

Then along came a friend,
To take away the pain,
Along with the cold,
That was numbing his brain.

Making life easier,
To live this way,
Then all of a sudden,
He had a habit I say.

Then getting the courage,
To beg on the street,
For money, for drugs,
And hot food to eat.

Thinking oh no,
What have I done?
I'm better than this,
For I’m not a bum.

But what could he do,
He had no one to blame,
Except for himself,
Which is a shame.

Going cold turkey,
With aches and pains,
It was time to get clean,
And tighten the reigns.

But was it the answer,
No not at all,
For he hadn't a roof,
Or a bed I recall.

Waiting for help,
From a C.A.T. team,
To give him a place,
If you know what I mean.

So he could flourish,
And rise to the top,
With the help from some people,
So everything could stop.

Which was too late,
For he seemed to be lost,
In a world of chaos,
Which definitely did cost.

Until that day came,
When the homeless man died,
The poor man's wife,
Had no father for child.

So remember this folks,
For some people it’s true,
Because drugs is a killer,
And alcohol too.

By Dr Geebers