Saturday, 14 January 2012


Take the time to look around,
Hold on now what's that sound.
It couldn't be, not at all,
Never mind I’m on the ball.
Kicking it with all my friends,

Becoming abusive in the end.
Even when I hear the signs,
Friendships last, forever mind.
On till it happened out of the blue,
Reaching out, hello it's who.
Ending all in a dash,

It happened so quickly, in a flash,
Taking my body, spirit and soul,
So I will never score a goal.

That's not fair I miss my friends,
Oh please God, please help me Amen.

Let this all please be a dream,
As they stop, as they scream.
That was stupid, that was dumb,
Ending my life which isn't fun.

By Dr Geebers