Saturday, 14 January 2012

The mystic flying pizza,

The mystic flying pizza,
Clean from outer space,
Came to London City,
To splash salami in our face.

Along with mozzarella,
And pineapple now as well,
To create a bit of havoc,
In this living hell.

Showing us all its weapons,
Of fat and destruction too,
Polluting all our systems,
Is what it's trying to do?

Sending back messages,
To it's main fleet,
On how to take us on,
To beat us on the streets.

Planning a crazy war,
Against us oh by far,
To gain control of London,
So they could have the power.

Now are we going to let them?
Well that is up to you,
To put a plan together,
Or death will come so true.

Wiping out our kingdom,
Killing all our souls,
To make our life’s easier,
As Jesus little foals.

By Dr Geebers