Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pay up

Come on
Play it
Come on
 Say it
You can
 Do it
On the
Even so
Don't forget
Life's a gamble
One big bet
That could leave you
In someones debt
Which could lose you
Your T.V. set
So understand
And don't forget

For it is true
From me to you
So pay up
Now please do
For I'll come round
Out of the blue
And take those things
If I have too
For you owe me
Now don't you
Remember you borrowed money
From me too
And said you would pay
Now didn't you
And you let me down
Now didn't you
You dropped me in the shit
You fucker you
I should break your legs
That's what I should do
But your a mate
One of a few
But never again
Will I ever help you

So listen up
You little fuck
You owe me
So bad luck
And the reality is
Your life will suck
Through a straw
You fucking fuck
But like I said
Alright chuck
You are a mate
And I know you'll pay up
But you could have said
Look I am stuck
And can't pay yet
Instead oh fuck
You dropped me in it
And now my life does suck

So here's what's going to happen
Now listen to me
You will pay up
Whenever you see
And if you don't
I'll punish you for free
And mates will become enemies
Forever you see
Even though I don't want this
But you don't fuck with me
For you have a tongue
Than can speak to me
I you know I'm not nasty
Only provoked you see
And that's when you see
The real fucking me
So fucking listen here
To a main degree
Because if you fuck me over
You'll wish you haven't
Trust me

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