Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Feel the vibe
Right outside
With christmas lights
And christmas pride
As people shop
Side by side
For the ultimate gift
To go world wide
It may be a song
Or a flash car too
It may be a ring
As someone says I do
It may be a house
Or even a flat
It may be a squat
Which isn't all that
It may be a pebble
Loat at sea
It may be a hug
That comes for free
It may be a smile
From someone you adore
It maybe a book
That's total hardcore
Or it may be a chance
To help someone out
So they can do wonders
In a world full of doubt
To rise up through the masses
With art and words gallore
To spread the love of christmas
Simply once more
No matter if they are rich
No matter if they are poor
Christmas is the time to be jolly
This we know for sure
So party party party
The whole way through
And enjoy this time of year
While helping others too
For christmas is really special
For every boy and girl
As they feel something great
All around the world
And that's the love of life
That's been given to one and all
As we party party party
Get smashed and simply fall
For we are all lucky
Yet the truth is we are not
For some live in poverty
That others have forgot
And many will die
As you party without fear
So think yourseleves real lucky
And have a Happy New Year

I wrote this poem as i like many othe thousands of people have been homeless at this time of year. Please don't be afraid to help someone this winter who is less fortunate than yourself. There are many charities out there that try to help with homelessnes. Me myself personally i would rather give beding,clothing and money to those I see struggling because a lot of people on our streets don't get benifits and proper hot meals cost a fortune. Trust me I should know how hard it is to live on the streets and did a homeless awearness tour to prove that fact. The real problem is no local conaction no place no money no place no stabillity no place and if you end up becoming an addict of any discription many landlords don't want to help those on benefits but it is the only way to get accomadition in future.
Maybe one day I Dr Geebers through art and poetry can raise the funding to set up my own charity to create the flates and houses we need to start combating homelessnes and not hostels that have so many rules you are actually better of in prison. I can say this because i live in emergency housing accomadation and I am not allowed any visitors at all. So to change my life around from being on the streets I cannot have my girlfriend stayin my property or try to take my art on to the next level this is after I walked 6800 miles around the UK coastline been on TV and many newspapers. I had to become an addict after 17 years clean to get the help I am getting now and it isn't enough by a long shot.