Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bad boy Santa

Hey you
Can you hear what I say
Santa's a pain in the ass
And he's flipping gay

I caught him the other night
With his trousers down
Giving some bloke a blow job
In some dirty fucking town

And Ruddolf he's a wanker
Didn't you fucking know
For using his red nose
To give Santa an awesome show

And all his little Elfs
Started singing christmas songs
As they skinned up joints
And passed the bong along

All getting high
While enjoying life too
Now this is the real Santa
And his bad boy crew

Who go out theifing
To get presents gallore
No much wonder the worlds suffering
And no one will open their door

That's why he's a fat bastard
Who ate all the pies
Because he's not stupid
He just fed us all lies

Giving us all hope
At this festive time of year
But he's really a bad boy criminal
Do you all hear

So don't listen to him
The pathetic fucking cunt
For he's nothing special
And that's putting it blunt

So if he comes to your door
With presents in his hand
You know their all ripped off
Do you fucking understand

And the police will come knocking
With a present of their own
And that's a night in the cells
So don't you fucking moan

Because you have been warned
All about this evil man
Who's a fucking well legend
With one awesome fucking plan

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