Sunday, 15 December 2013

Oh Brighton Brighton

Oh Brighton Brighton
Is a wonderful place
With lots going on
That's in your face

With clubs everywhere
And bars too
With lots of artists
Doing what they do

Spray caners
At their best
Chalk artists
Be my guest

Painters going wild
And photographers too
Even a pebble artist
How do you do

With many poets
Rhyming words for free
And many buskers
It's the place to be

With lots going on
In a really big way
Like the naked bike rally
Oh I say I say

Then theres gay pride
Oh what an event
Where the world comes together
That money well spent

Then theres the fringe arts festival
Held every year
With many open houses
Starting new careers

Then theres the MODs and Rockers
And the bike show
Then theres the mini rally
And the camper vans you know

Then there is the Lanes
Full of jewellery galore
And many art galleries
And a lot more

With a big massive pier
With many rides too
Oh what a place
That should be visited by you

With films like Quadrophenia
And Brighton Rock too
Created in this place
For everyone to view

Along with many artists
Who've made the big time
Like Fat Boy Slim
And Rizzle Kicks mind

So look this place up
The city by the sea
Simply known as Brighton
The only place to be

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