Saturday, 31 December 2011

There was a young man in a sweater,

There was a young man in a sweater,
Whose life was getting better and better,
Along with his child,
Out in the wild,
Until a crocodile came and ate her.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man from Berlin,

There was a young man from Berlin,
Who got his head stuck in a bin,
While looking for his phone,
When hearing its tone,
With spaghetti all over his chin.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young lad from Wales,

There was a young lad from Wales,
Who was terribly afraid of snails,
When he seen one,
He decided to run,
While chewing on his finger nails.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Dave,

There was a young man called Dave,
Who thought he was courageous and brave,
While climbing a tree,
To get away from me,
He got hit by a ten foot wave.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Gerry,

There was a young man called Gerry,
Who was sucking on a strawberry,
When it got stuck in his throat,
He began to choke,
And died on the way to Derry.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Hank,

There was a young man called Hank,
Who came to town in a tank,
With bubbles galore,
And fish by the score,
To deposit it in the towns bank.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Hue,

There was a young man called Hue,
That didn’t know what to do,
When out of the dark,
Came a great big shark,
And attacked him in his lue.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Jack,

There was a young man called Jack,
Who stood on a garden rake,
Which punctured his soul,
With a gapping big hole,
And give him a heart attack.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Luke,

There was a young man called Luke,
Who was an outrageous crook,
No matter what,
He laughed a lot,
At all the things he took.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Mark,

There was a young man called Mark,
Who had a really big heart,
When seeing a man,
All covered in jam,
He shouted. “What’s up you tart”.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Roger,

There was a young man called Roger,
Who was the perfect lodger,
Until oh crumbs,
Death did come,
After eating a jammie dodger.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Ross,

There was a young man called Ross,
Who always got real cross,
When having to work,
The stupid young jerk,
And then he got sacked by his boss.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man called Tim,

There was a young man called Tim,
Who tripped over a rolling pin,
Then fell through a hedge,
In furious rage,
And landed head first in a bin.

By Dr Geebers

There was an old man from Berlin,

There was an old man from Berlin,
Who didn’t know where to begin,
When seeing a cat,
Getting chased by a rat,
He wondered what world he was in.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man from hell,

There was a young man from hell,
Who tried to create a spell,
But when it went wrong,
He went ding dong,
As he turned into a bell.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man from Japan,

There was a young man from Japan,
Who really didn’t give a dam,
When seeing a ghost,
Upon his toast,
He ran and ran and ran.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man from the moon,

There was a young man from the moon,
Who came down in a hot air balloon,
Until he got closer,
To a stupid bulldozer,
And got ate by a crazy baboon.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in a plane,

There was a young man in a plane,
Who lost control of his brain,
When turning right,
He got a fright,
When a bird did something insane.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in a boat,

There was a young man in a boat,
Who wanted to keep it a float,
So he made it some wings,
From branches and things,
Then tied it to his coat.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man on a bike,

There was a young man on a bike,
Or was it a three wheeled trike,
Who flew down the road,
And hit a poor toad,
And ended up impaled on a spike.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in trouble,

There was a young man in trouble,
Who fell into a pile of rubble,
Then got attacked by some ants,
Who took down his pants,
And stole them on the double.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in a thong,

There was a young man in a thong,
Who was incredibly strong,
When lifting a weight,
Up nice and straight,
It snapped and showed his ding dong.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in a house,

There was a young man in a house,
Who had an incredible spouse,
When sprouting some wings,
And gobbling at things,
She knew he was after the mouse.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man in a mall,

There was a young man in a mall,
Who thought that he knew it all,
When along came a kid,
With a masterful bid,
And kicked him in the head with a ball.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man out at sea,

There was a young man out at sea,
Who wanted to go for a pee,
So he pulled down his zip,
And let it go rip,
Until a crocodile ate it for tea.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man from Peru,

There was a young man from Peru,
That was hungry for something new,
When seeing his chance,
He made his advance,
And got ate by a lion he knew.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man on a farm,

There was a young man on a farm,
Who only had one arm,
When counting his sheep,
The stupid young creep,
He pulled one with his charm.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young bear called Graham,

There was a young bear called Graham,
Who hated going out in the rain,
So being a star,
He stole a car,
And then he stole a plane.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young pigeon that flew,

There was a young pigeon that flew,
From Hammersmith to Waterloo,
When seeing a ghost,
That’s really a post,
It hit him and knocked him out too.

By Dr Geebers

Friday, 30 December 2011

There was a young book on a shelf,

There was a young book on a shelf,
That was read by a tiny young elf,
On how to be big,
By doing a jig,
But it wasn’t any good for his health.

By Dr Geebers

Simplicity has the answer

Simplicity has the answer
For a poetic dancer
With pen in hand
Making the perfect stand
Like a true romancer

By Dr Geebers

Sitting at a computer

Sitting at a computer
Doing what I do
Creating many poetry rhymes
About life which are true

Along with some nonsence
With pen flying free
Bouncing to a crazy beat
For everyone to see

Along with many limericks
And much much more
I hope you enjoy these rhymes
That come right from my core

With some really long
And others really funny
About different things
Including my dear old mummy

With many many stories
That simply rhyme for free
To put smiles on peoples faces
Dr Geebers that is me

By Dr Geebers

Yeah babe

Yeah babe
It is true
All I want
Is really you

No Silly presents
No gifts at all
All I want
Is you I call

No money either
Or any beer
All I want
Is you my dear

Because I got nothing
To give you
Except my heart
And love that’s true

Which cannot be bought
No you hear
Because all I want
Is you my dear

By my side
At dinner time
With a few candles
And bottle of wine

Yet I don’t mind
What you do
As long as you know
I love you

With all my heart
This Christmas time
That’s why I wrote
This little rhyme

So have a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Now lets party
And wheres my beer

By Dr Geebers

There was a young lad, who did linger,

There was a young lad, who did linger,
While pointing out with his finger,
So along came a hatchet,
And cut it and scratched it,
And now he looks like a dead singer.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man, who was bold,

There was a young man, who was bold,
That was dying so he was told,
So he wrote out a will,
For his son Bill,
To leave him his bloody well cold.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man who was daft,

There was a young man who was daft,
Who built an invisible raft,
To float on the sea,
To say Jesus was he,
But it flipped, he drowned and they laughed.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man, who was old,

There was a young man, who was old,
Who got a real bad cold?
When coughing away,
And sneezing each day,
His bogies became solid as gold.

By Dr Geebers

There was a young man, who was right,

There was a young man, who was right,
About everything he seen day and night,
Until it just came,
With no one to blame,
And stole his bloody well sight.

By Dr Geebers

Silly Little Rhymes

Silly little rhymes
Is what I only got
That are completely nonsense
Oh what a rot

Even all the neighbours
Hate these rhymes too
But do I really care
Should I really stew

I don’t think so
Because this is life for me
Writing down rhymes
That simply come free

Without a single care
Or even main concern
Since I am harming no one
Through what I want to learn

But when the truth comes out
And write it down too
Then people understand me
And the simple rhymes I do

Even though they may be angry
And full of lots of hate
It’s nice to write for everyone
So others can relate

Which makes it hard for poets
Who like to rhyme you see
Even though they rhyme nonsense
They rhyme to a degree

But most never get paid
Since their up against the wall
That's why so many poets don’t make it
Because they can’t rise tall

Yet silly little rhymes
Is what I like to do
So go knock yourself out
Go on read one or two

by Dr Geebers

I Was Getting It Going

I was getting it going
I was feeling it so fine
Iwas doing all the things
In perfect sunshine

I was getting all the heat
I was feeling it so great
I was doing all the things
That most people would hate

I was going with the flow
I was rhyming so free
I was saying all the things
In perfect harmony

I was feeling oh so good
I was enjoying it yes
I was feeling all the power
Oh what a perfect mess

I was copletely out of tune
I had no rythem in my soul
I hadn’t even a beat
I was way out of control

I was absolutely fumming
I was feeling the crunch
When someone said I was rubbish
So I gave them one good punch

Knocking them to the floor
In an unexspected way
Even though I was truely rubbish
He spoiled my perfect day

Which made me feel so angry
It wasn’t a good thing to do
As I was carted of to the cells
By the old boys in blue

By Dr Geebers

It's One Of Those Days

It’s one of those days
At the end of the year
Many people celebrate
Without any fear

Even with no money
Or very little food
They’ll try to enjoy life
In their own neighbourhood

No matter the weather
No matter their state
They’ll do what they can
To have turkey on plate

Some will get in debt
Some will have to beg
Because some live outside
Oh what a real drag

Yet some will steal
And some will rob
In times so hard
To get a job

To enjoy life
At this time of year
Even though they are lucky
To have the odd beer

Yet many will have nothing
No family no friends
No home of their own
For poverty never ends

With natural disasters
Taking their tole
And greedy people
Playing their role

Around the world
Oh yes indeed
So when you enjoy christmas
And have a good feed

Think of the starving
Think of the poor
And have a good year
With what will occure

For you are all lucky
To have a good life
While others have to
Make sacrafice

To enjoy christmas
If they can
Now that wasn’t
The devils plan

By Dr Geebers

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

There Was A Young Man On Telly

There was a young man on the telly,
Who had a really big belly,
When jumping around,
It bounced up and down,
Like a big wobbly jelly.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man Shouting Peace

There was a young man shouting peace,
So everyone could hear at least,
Until getting attacked,
As matter of fact,
By a big gaggle of geese.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man So Hazy

There was a young man so hazy,
Who was completely lazy,
When doing the splits,
He had us in bits,
Because he was totally crazy.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man From Brazil

There was a young man from Brazil,
Who climbed up to the top of a hill,
When looking down,
The stupid big clown,
He froze, from the shock of the thrill.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man A Sinner

There was a young man a sinner
Who thought he was a lottery winner,
So he jumped in the air,
Like he didn’t care,
And slipped and fell in his dinner.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man So Daft

There was a young man who was daft,
Who built an invisible raft,
To float on the sea,
To say Jesus was he,
But it flipped, he drowned and they laughed.

By Dr Geebers

There Was A Young Man So Old

There was a young man, who was old,
Who got a real bad cold?
When coughing away,
And sneezing each day,
His bogies became solid as gold.

By Dr Geebers

The Little Kissy Monster

The little kissy monster
Goes kiss kiss kiss
Shes the one with BIG LIPS
Who we surely miss

Bringing us happiness
Bringing us joy
Kissing everyone
Including girk and boy

Spreading all her love
Through kisses gallore
So watch out people
For that knock upon your door

Because the little kissy monster
Goes kiss kiss kiss
Shes the one with BIG LIPS
Who we truely miss

Going around
From town to town
Kissing everyone
With a frown

Making people happy
Oh day by day
Around the world
Oh yes I say

Because the little kissy monster
Goes kiss kiss kiss
Shes the one with BIG LIPS
Who we truely miss

Going to hospitals
One two three
Kissing everyone
Simply for free

Spreading her love
To the suffering and poor
And to all those people
Who haven’t a cure

Because the litte kissy monster
Goes kiss kiss kiss
Shes the one with BIG LIPS
Who we surely miss

By Dr Geebers

Master Floppy Does Things Sloppy

Master Floppy was a stupid fool,
In many a different way,
Especially when he was at school,
Trying to learn each day.

But could he get to grips with class,
Well no he couldn’t you see,
For he would stare out through the glass,
And watch the birds so free.

Flying in and flying out,
Through the leaves of green,
Drifting of without a doubt,
Into a little dream.

“If I had wings and I could fly”.
Is what he said so free?
“Right up to you there in the sky,
And join you in the tree”.

“Oh is right now Master Floppy”.
His teacher said out loud,
“Well if you could then I would copy,
And join you in your cloud”.

Then with that he came to,
With laughter all around,
Because he knew what he did do?
When making a choking sound.

“Oh I’m glad to hear your back,
Among your many friends,
I hope you did enjoy the crack,
And may it never ends.

Now what’s the answer to my sum.
That I didn’t say”?
“Oh, sorry sir”? He acted dumb,
For he was far away.

“I thought as much you little brat”.
He stamped his foot down hard,
“Now listen hear you little rat,
You listen in my yard.

Now one plus one plus two plus four,
Equals what”? He said,
As he went over to the door,
Scratching at his head.

“Oh let me see now, let me think,
Oh what the answer could be”.
With his face now going pink,
He counted one two three.

Using his fingers all the way,
To get his answer out,
“Oh it’s eight”. He did say,
Without a single doubt.

“That’s good that’s good now keep it up,
And don’t you drift away,
For you are hear to learn with luck,
The things you need each day”.

But would he listen I think not,
For he was of again,
Drifting, drifting on a yacht,
While twiddling with his pen.

Crashing through the open waves,
With dolphins all around,
Seeing simple things so brave,
Away from his home town.

With his little fishing rod,
Laying by his side,
His head began to start to nod,
And his mouth now opens wide.

Then he started to really snore,
In the middle of class,
While dreaming of a sandy shore,
And a bikini on some lass.

“Wake up wake up you waste of space”.
His teacher now did roar,
Then came across now in his face,
And shouted again once more.

“What, what, what”? Said Master Floppy,
Wiping at his eyes,
“You will write me out a copy,
Of what this now applies.

For I have had enough of you,
Sleeping in my class,
So you will write out what to do,
Or you will never pass.

All the things you need to do,
To keep ones self awake,
And to make it better for you,
You’ll do it through lunch and break”.

So Master floppy done his task,
The stupid little fool,
So he would never sleep in class,
And break this stupid rule.

By Dr Geebers

Master Dribble And His Real Life Scribble

Master Dribble was a silly young sod,
For doing the things he did,
While writing a story about a pea in a pod,
Wearing a children’s bib.

Until one day when messing around,
He scribbled on a page,
A little picture of a hound,
Down by the rivers edge.

Wearing a coat of many colours,
For his friends to see,
He didn’t know why he bothered,
To scribble this for free.

With many a magic and beautiful word,
Flying from his lips,
Through all the things that now occurred,
Right to his finger tips.

To show all his imagination,
In many a different way,
Through the magic of creation,
So fun could come and stay.

As he sat there with pen in hand,
Thinking of something new,
Up popped a voice oh so grand,
To say “How do you do”?

He couldn’t believe it no not at all,
That anyone else was there,
Until he seen him I do recall,
Sitting upon his chair.

“Am I dreaming” He said out loud,
To his little friend,
“No your not”. He said all proud,
“Now why should I pretend?

Now listen ‘ear you silly fool,
To what I have to say,
For you do have a special tool,
To brighten up each day.

So come on now and listen to me,
For I do have the answer,
To give you all you need you see,
To make your pen a dancer”.

“I’m listening, I’m listening”. Said Master Dribble,
Now wondering why,
This little hound that was a scribble,
Was staring him in the eye.

“Don’t you worry my little friend?
We’re going on a bender,
Right round the world now to its end,
And be back before September”.

“I can’t I can’t because of school,
That means so much to me,
To do the things I need so cool,
To get my main degree”.

“Oh don’t you worry you’ll be there,
For that special day,
So don’t you worry this I swear?
My friend I say I say.

For we are going to learn a lot,
About my world for free,
For you are going to be taught,
To write the things you see.

So hurry up and pack your bag,
With pencils and paper galore,
So wee can go and fly your flag,
For others to adore”.

“But what about my lovely family,
And all my little friends”.
Said Master Dribble very calmly,
Trying to make amends.

“Oh don’t you worry about them now,
For they will be alright”.
Said Henry the hound wiping his brow,
With absolute delight.

“For I am going to show you now,
How to write for fun,
The things you need to show somehow,
With laughter for everyone”.

“Why oh why my little friend,
Are you doing this for me”,
“Because you have the magic pen,
That riddles rhymes for free.

This is why I am alive,
Because you do believe,
That I can help you really strive,
To make you now achieve.

So come on now and let us see,
The world in a different way,
My dear friend and you’ll agree,
You’ll have fun I say”.

So of they went now through his page,
Down by the rivers side,
Along a path beside a hedge,
That was only three foot wide.

Looking at the sun so bright,
Shining in the sky,
Oh what a wonderful beautiful sight,
As two otters they swam by.

“Hello Henry and how are you,
My scrumpous little friend”,
Said Mrs Otter oh so true,
Stopping on the bend.

“Oh Mrs Otter I am fine,
This beautiful summer’s day.
Said Henry as his teeth did shine,
In a perfect way.

“Oh who’s your friend”? Said Mr Otter,
Scratching at his fur,
“Oh this is Master Dribble Otter,
Who writes for fun so pure”?

“What do you mean now Henry dear”?
Mrs Otter said,
“Well Master Dribble writes so clear,
Stories from his head.

But he needs help you understand,
To make them funny you see,
So I have brought him to our land,
To show him fun for free”.

“Oh well that’s good my little blossom,
I hope you do enjoy,
And Henry I hope you do not loss him,
For he’s a sweet young boy”,

“I won’t I won’t now Mrs Otter,
That I promise you,
For I will treat him like my daughter,
Oh young Suzy Lue”.

“I’ll be safe”. Said Master Dribble,
With a little laugh,
Because he knew his little scribble,
Was a member of staff?

So of they went a wondering along,
When something splashed about,
That made them think now something’s wrong,
But it was Mr Trout.

“Hello Henry you stupid fool,
What are you doing today?
And who’s the one who’s not at school,
I say, I say, I say”.

“Oh this is Master Dribble Trout,
Who likes to write for fun?
In words of rhyme without a doubt,
You crazy son of a gun”.

“Oh nice to meet you Master Dribble,
You silly little sod,
I hope you know he’s on the fiddle”,
He said with a little nod.

“Don’t listen to him for he’s not right,
Now truly in his mind,
For all he wants is one good fight,
With the intelligent kind”.

“What do you mean now Henry please”?
Said Master Dribble Polite,
“Well I mean with simple ease,
He always thinks he’s right”.

“I don’t, I don’t, but know a lot,
That is why I am great,
Now this is what I’ve been taught,
So I never take the bait”.

“Oh is that right now Mr Trout,
The one who swims away,
When a tadpole comes about,
And frightens you each day”.

“Oh ha, ha, now Henry mate,
That was funny from you”.
“Oh I know and can relate,
Because I know it’s true.

Now come on now young Master Dribble,
Let’s go sit on the grass,
And use your mind to draw or scribble,
Something that’s real class.

“Ok Henry my little friend,
Let me think and see,
What about a different blend,
Between a flower and bee”.

“That sounds good now Master Dribble,
So focus with your eyes,
Then use your pen to draw and scribble,
A little bee that flies.

While doing this then think of words,
That rhymes and flows so free,
Which seems so mad and real absurd?
About that Bumble Bee”.

Then buzz, buzz came a sound,
Which made him look and stare?
As Mr Bumble Bee came down,
From somewhere in the air.

“Hello Henry you lazy dog,
What you doing over here,
And who is this little sprog,
That you’re sitting near”.

“Oh this is Master Dribble Bee,
Who I’m helping out,
Who likes to rhyme stories see,
So he can spread them about.

The only problem that he’s got,
Is adding in the fun,
So I have brought to this spot,
To show him how it’s done”.

“Oh I see now Master Dribble,
Can I help you out?
I see what you are trying to scribble,
And that’s what I’m about.

Now do you want a flying pose?
Or do you want a sting,
Or should I sit on Henrys nose,
With my chains of bling.

For I can play the flute you see,
And I can play the drums,
If hardy comes to hardy me,
I can also play with plums”.

“Oh very funny Mr Bee”.
Said Dribble as he laughed,
“What about, oh let me see,
Sawing you in half.

Would you do that now for fun?
In my little rhyme”,
“Well if you want it to be done,
I’ll do it all the time”.

“That’s good that’s good now Mr Bee,
For me to think about,
Now you keep buzzing around for me,
While I write something out”.

“No problem lad no not for me,
For this is one of my trades”.
Said Mr Bee for fun you see,
As he pulled out a pair of shades.

“They look cool”. Said Henry calm,
“Where did you get them from”?
“I got them from a Rasta man,
Sleeping in the sun”.

“Oh did you now you little thief,
You know that that’s not right,
Because it causes lots of grief,
And now could start a fight”.

“Oh don’t be silly you little fool,
I would never steal you know,
I just said that he looked cool,
And he gave them to me so”.

“Oh is that right now, are you sure,
Because I know what your like”.
“I know, I know, but its true sir,
He gave me them alright”.

“Ok then I believes you,
But thousands wouldn’t you know”.
“I swear, I swear, it’s all true,
And its time for me to go”.

“Bye, Bye Mr Bumble Bee”,
Said Master Dribble so fine,
“I hope to see you soon agree,
So I can share my rhyme”.

“That’s ok now Master Dribble,
We will meet I say,
Now go on finish your little scribble,
And you’ll be famous someday”.

“See you then now Bumble Bee”.
Said Henry with a smile,
As he turned round to Dribble see,
To say something worth while.

“I think its time that we got back,
To your family and friends”,
Said Henry now for a fact,
“Along with your paper and pens”.

“I think your right”. Said Master Dribble,
Packing all his work,
Along with his magic scribble,
Of Henry the stupid jerk.

So of they went back through his page,
To where Master Dribble was sat,
Beside his picture of the waters edge,
Where Henry and him was at.

“Oh thank you Henry for all the fun,
That you’ve given to me”,
“Oh that’s alright my little son,
As long as it’s helped you see”.

“Oh it has my furry friend,
More than you will know”.
“That’s good now so don’t pretend,
And mind now how you go”.

Then with that he woke up,
With his mother by his side,
“Come on now my buttercup,
Its time for bed she sighed”.

By Dr Geebers

Master Bear And His Wooden Chair

Early one morning,
As Master Bear woke,
He thought an idea,
An absolute joke.

As he went to the bathroom,
To have a good wash,
He thought to himself,
I can do this by gosh.

All I have to do,
Is find that old chair,
It’s in my shed,
I know it’s out there.

So of he went a wandering,
Across his green grass,
To his garden shed,
And peered through the glass.

Then opening the door,
To have a better look,
He stumbled back quickly,
Frightened by a rook.

That flew right past him,
And out the door,
As Master Bear,
Let out a roar.

“Oh sorry Bear,
It’s only you,
I didn’t mean it,
You scared me to”.

Said the rook,
Oh being polite,
Trying to make things,
Seem alright.

“What are you doing?
Now Master bear”.
“I’m looking for,
Oh there it is there”.

“I’m looking for this”.
“What a rotten old chair,
To put in the bin,
Now Master Bear”.

“No you fool,
I’m fixing it up,
To recycle this chair,
With lots of sheer luck”.

“You can’t do that,
You haven’t the brains,
It’s falling to pieces,
You must be insane”.

“I’ll use a hammer,
Sandpaper and nails,
Or a lick of paint,
If everything else fails”.

Said Master Bear,
Seeing his Vision,
Of a master piece,
That was his mission.

So scrub, scrub, scrub,
Went Master Bear,
With the sandpaper,
Here and there.

Whistling away,
Hour after hour,
With all his heart,
And all his power.

Then tap, tap, tap,
Went Master Bear,
Strengthening up,
His old wooden chair.

Getting it ready,
To make it new,
By painting it,
The colour blue.

Then all of a sudden,
It was that time,
With a slip, slop,
It began to shine.

A brand new chair,
In all its glory,
By Master Bear,
Oh what a story.

By Dr Geebers

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Master Baboon And Hottie The Balloon

Master Baboon was out walking one day,
When something strange, happened I say.
That made him dance and skip along,
To the sound of the trees, whistling a song.

With the sun in the sky, shining so bright.
What a perfect day, what a perfect sight.
When all of a sudden, out of the blue.
Came something large, which grew and grew.

Now was it a bird, or was it a plane,
It couldn’t be, that’s completely insane.
Which came from behind, turning everything black
Even the sun, as a matter of fact.

“Oh no”. “Oh no”. What did I do?
It’s not that time”. He wondered to.
Then turning round, to his surprise,
He saw it big in front of his eyes.

A big balloon with basket below,
Coming at him, ever so slow.
“Hello. Hello and what is your name”,
Said the hot air balloon, ever so game.

“I’m Master Baboon and who are you”.
“I’m Hottie the Balloon, how do you do.
I take people way up in the sky,
So they can feel what its like to fly”.

“Oh Hottie, oh Hottie that sounds like fun”.
“It is, it is, would you like to come”.
“Oh please. Oh please, if your sure”.
“Give me a second and I’ll give you a tour.

Come on then, let’s fly, let’s fly,
Over the trees like birds in the sky”.
Said Hottie the balloon with a smile on his face,
As they left the ground heading for space.

Up, up, up and away,
Over the tree tops and far away.
Feeling the wind touching their face,
Oh what a sight, as the birds gave chase.

“Who’s that, who’s that”? Said Master Crow,
“It couldn’t be, never no.
By Jove it is, its Master Baboon.
And he’s flying in Hotties’ balloon.

How are you, enjoying your trip”.
Said Master Crow doing a back flip.
As Master Baboon watched him fall,
“I’m loving it”. He began to call.

“That’s good, that’s good, and I hope you do,
As life is magic up here to”.
Said Master Crow as he flew away,
“I hope you enjoy the rest of your day”.

“Oh thank you, oh thank you”, said Master Baboon,
Way up high in Hotties’ balloon.
“I hope I do now Master Crow,
Now have a safe journey and mind how you go”.

While seeing the sights from up in the sky,
He couldn’t believe it as he asked himself why.
The people where ants and rivers where snakes,
Why was this as a matter of fact?

With clouds all puffy like smoke in the sky,
With a hardly sound, he asked himself why.
While Hottie he blew to rise even more,
To give Master Baboon a view of the shore.

“Oh look Hottie what’s that I see,
Is that the ocean, or is that the sea”.
“Oh that’s the sea, my fury friend,
So shiny, so beautiful, right to its end”.

“Now those little dots, you see over there,
Those are boats my friend I swear”.
Pointed Hottie down to the sea,
“No way, no way, you’re kidding me”.

“No not at all, I wouldn’t do that”.
Said Hottie the balloon ever so flat.
As he dropped down out of the sky,
To show him the boats that passed them by.

“I see, I see, oh what you mean,
Oh aren’t they beautiful and really clean”.
Said Master Baboon so simple and free,
As they flew over, the boats in the sea.

“Oh what’s that stuff that’s yellow and brown?
That looks like custard spread over the ground”.
“Oh that’s the beach made up of sand,
Which comes between water and land.

“And what are those things that look like ants”.
“Oh those are humans in shorts and pants”.
“What are they doing all lying around”?
“Getting a sun tan so their skin goes brown”.

“Oh I see and those ones there,
They look like chocolate oh yes I swear.
Ever so dark and nearly black,
Are they misfits or a mistake”.

“No not at all it’s the way they are,
So don’t be racist oh by far”.
“Oh sorry mate I didn’t know”.
“Well now you do mind how you go”.

“So I will my little friend.
I’ll watch and learn and not pretend”.
“That’s good to hear now all the same,
But some of them liked to be game.

With guns and ropes, and traps that’s fair,
They’ll hunt and hunt, for you and Bear.
Along as there hungry and need food,
They’ll kill you all which is no good.

“Why is that, now Hottie you see”?
“Because humans are smart beyond you and me.
Even though we all bleed the same,
The humans believe that life is a game”.

“Oh is that right”. “Oh yes believe.
No matter what we need to achieve.
In this life there always on top.
Polluting and Killing and probably won’t stop”.

“Oh I see now Hottie my friend.
But life goes on now in the end.
No matter what we all can do,
We have to help these humans to”.

“Oh yes that’s right we need to do that,
We need to help them and have a good chat.
So we can keep breathing this lovely fresh air,
And keep our world green because we all care”.

Then with that it was time to go,
For Hottie the Balloon I hope you know.
“So bye bye Hottie”. Said Master Baboon.
“I hope I’ll see you some time soon”.

“No worries Mattie, you probably will.
Some time soon for another good thrill”.
“Well bye bye then till the next time”.
And Hottie shot of through the sunshine.

Up, up, up and away,
Went poor Hottie as he flew away.
Over the tree tops like a bird in the sky,
That’s it Hottie bye bye bye.

By Dr Geebers

Little Miss Nurse And Her Ulitmate Curse

Little Miss Nurse was a nice little girl,
Who liked to run and swim?
While shining like a precious pearl,
At home or down the gym.

Until one day when being free,
She opened up her purse,
To buy a cup of tea,
And got attacked by the curse.

“Hello my darling remember me,
The person that you hate”.
He shouted now, you see, you see,
Which put her in a state?

“Are you ok now Madam dear”?
Said someone at the till,
“That’s one pound now Madam dear”.
He said while standing still.

“What you say you crazy loon”.
She said as she screamed,
When the clock it struck noon,
And the cashier he now beamed.

“How dare you speak to me like that?
Over the head of a pound,
But if you want to be a bat,
I’ll call the police around”.

“Oh sorry Sir”. She said so nice,
“I didn’t mean it to you,
But I will say it again now twice,
I’m sorry and mean it to”.

“No you didn’t”. Said the curse,
Who shouted in her ear?
From deep within her precious purse,
To give her lots of fear.

“Oh shut it would you, you little pest,
And please leave me alone”.
She said now as she stressed,
While playing with her phone.

“I don’t think so, no not me,
For I am in your mind,
No matter what you do you see?
You won’t stop me you’ll find”.

“What did you say, now Madam dear”.
Said the young man at the till,
“I’m sorry Sir, I hope you hear,
And know now that’s two nil”.

“Now I won’t tell you, one more time,
For I will make that call,
And if I do then you won’t pine,
When the police come standing tall”

“Oh that’s ok, I’m sorry sir,
I didn’t mean any trouble”.
As she gave her tea a stir,
And drunk it on the double.

Then picking up all her things,
Along with her purse as well,
She left the shop on bouncy springs,
As if she was under a spell.

Bouncing through the open door,
And halfway down the street,
She decided to go in another store,
To buy herself a treat.

Without a word or even a sound,
She thought she lost her curse,
Until the time it came around,
To open up her purse.

“You’re not buying that hideous thing,
That looks totally absurd,
That some dog has dropped pa’ding,
Or was it from a bird”.

“Hello Madam is you ok”.
Said the woman behind the till,
“Isn’t it a lovely day”?
She said with a perfect chill.

“Oh stop it, stop it, you pain in the neck,
Please stop bulling me,
I’m buying this so what the heck,
It’s what I like you see”.

“Oh sorry Madam for being nice,
You miserable grumpy old cow,
The next time then, I’ll think twice,
About serving you then and now”.

“Oh sorry Madam for being so rude,
I wasn’t talking to you,
Honestly now, I’ll be good,
And buy not one but two.”

“I hope you are now Madam dear,
Because that wasn’t fair”.
Said the woman nice and clear,
In respect to who was there.

So of she went in a scurry,
With her clothes and purse,
Down the road in a hurry,
While thinking of her curse.

Which seem to put her in a state?
That no one could control,
Because this curse that she did hate,
Was really taking its toll.

While making her do crazy things,
To annoy the ones she loves,
Until an angel with beautiful wings,
Came from up above.

“Hello Miss I need a Nurse”.
Said the Angel with a smile,
“To help me with a really bad curse,
Who seems to be cramping my style”?

“Oh is that right and what can I do,
To take away your pain”.
“Well to be honest that’s up to you,
To help me all the same.

Because my Mother always told me,
No matter what and when,
You got to understand you see,
And count from one to ten.

Which gives you time to think about,
All the things that’s wrong,
And then by magic without a doubt,
Your goodness will be strong”.

“What do you mean now Angel dear?
You’re messing up my head”.
“I mean my darling don’t show fear,
Now that is what I said.

Because you’re the one who has the strength,
To show that good means good,
And you will go to any length,
To do this if you could”.

“So you mean I got to believe,
In all the things I do,
So I can go on and achieve,
To make my dreams come true”.

“Yes that right, Little Miss Nurse,
It’s what you got to do,
To stop this bug of a really bad curse,
Spoil the goodness in you.

Please listen now please to this,
Because I feel your pain,
Then think of all the things that’s bliss,
And what you could now gain.

Because you’re going to show whose boss,
By helping all the poor,
Which won’t be a total loss?
This I know this for sure.

Or maybe you will help a lady,
Who’s trying to cross the street?
Who maybe really old like Sadie?
Or give them a special treat.

And when you do these kinds of things,
You’ll notice a difference in you,
That’s more precious than diamond rings,
And lasts forever to.

Which will help you in your cause?
To stop your dreadful curse”.
She said now with a little pause.
“That you carry in your purse”.

“Let’s hope so”. She said so quick,
In a bit of a flutter,
“Hoping that the goodness sticks,
Like bread with lots of butter”.

“Oh it will, my darling dear,
Because I believe in you,
As long as you remember to show no fear,
While helping others to”.

“I will, I will, with all my heart”.
While crossing it with a smile,
“I’ll do it now with a brand new start,
That will be really worth while”.

“That’s good to hear my little friend,
Now I have got to go,
Now you stay good right to the end,
And let your goodness show”.

“Oh thank you, thank you very much,
I hope to see you soon”.
“Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be in touch,
Before it gets to June”.

So of he went a floating free,
Way up into the sky,
Flapping his wings like birds you see,
Without a word of a lie.

When all of a sudden, like a bad smell,
She heard a roar from her purse,
When it fell from the Devils spell,
To reveal her dreadful curse.

“I heard that I hope you know,
But you will never win,
No matter where you seem to go,
I’ll cause you dreadful sin”.

“Oh is that right, well let’s see,
For I believe the truth,
No matter what you do to me,
You stupid little goof”.

Then with that she made a call,
To see what she could do,
As she stood there in her hall,
While all her goodness grew.

“Hello, hello”. She said so nice,
To someone on the phone,
“I’ve got clothes food and rice”.
She said in a lovely tone.

“Would you like them if I pop round?
In maybe a hour or so,
Oh that’s good and totally sound,
I’ll be there I hope you know”.

Which she did from that day on,
Because of her dreadful curse,
And then the next day it was gone,
So, “thank you”. Said Little Miss Nurse.

By Dr Geebers

If you would like to help homless charities out in your area feel free. They need many items of clothing, sleeping bags and food or make a small donation instead.
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Young girl smiling at camera
One of the most basic human rights is for somewhere safe and stable to live, yet homelessness continues to be one of the worst social problems in Britain today.
Suitable accommodation is vital to a stable life that includes education, employment and healthy relationships. Young people are more vulnerable to poor health, involvement in crime and substance misuse, sexual exploitation, unemployment and dependency on benefits when they don't have a safe place to live.
Homeless families find themselves living transitory and uncertain lives. They never know when they will have to move, and basic essentials like a school place or doctor become major problems. Temporary accommodation offers children no stimulation or room to play, which can lead to depression or aggressive behaviour.
Read a story about how Barnardo's helps homeless children across the UK >>

Homelessness facts

  • A third of children living in temporary accommodation have no school to go to.
  • As many as 60 per cent of people sleeping rough have mental health problems.
  • Homeless children are ten times more likely to die in a fire than their peers.

Homelessness projects

Barnardo's works with homeless families as well as young people who are homeless or living in insecure accommodation. We help young people to access the right accommodation and support them in their tenancies, and for some young people, such as young care leavers, we actually provide supported accommodation. Our outreach teams on the streets actively look for homeless young people and provide a friendly ear as well as referring them to relevant agencies.
We work with families to help them secure the benefits and grants they are legally entitled to, sorting out accommodation problems and helping families to get re-housed in the area so as to not to disrupt children's education.

Examples of homelessness projects

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Jimmy's Christmas Day

It was Christmas Eve,
And all was well,
At Jimmy’s house,
So he could tell.

With not a whisper,
Or even a sound,
For Jimmy was sleeping,
So it was found.

All snuggled up,
Comfy in bed,
Hoping that Santa,
Would be well fed.

As he would bring presents,
Upon his sleigh,
For him to open,
The very next day.

That would make him smile,
With pure delight,
To bring him magic,
Oh yes that’s right.

“Wake up, wake up,
It’s Christmas Day,
With snow all around,
Hooray, hooray”.

Shouted young Jimmy,
As he awoke,
And ran down the stairs,
Cracking a joke.

Through the door,
Into the room,
“Aaaaaahhhhh. He shouted,
And began to boom.

“Oh no, oh no,
What’s happened here?
Oh no, oh no”,
He shouted in fear.

“What’s up, what’s up”,
His dad did say,
“Don’t tell me now,
He’s not come today”.

“He’s ate his pie,
He’s ate his cake,
He’s drunk his beer,
Make no mistake.

But where’s my presents,
That I don’t see,
Not one dad,
Under our tree”.

“What do you mean?
You must be joking”.
Said his dad,
Nearly choking.

As he got up,
To have a look,
While stumbling over,
On a book.

“Oh what’s this noise?
Oh what’s this racket?
Hold on my son,
I’m coming to check it”.

And then with that,
He got a shock,
There were no presents,
But an empty sock.

Nor a computer,
Or a TV,
They had been burgled,
So he could see.

Which made him angry?
And totally wild,
As Jimmy cried,
The poor young child.

“Come here my son,
Its ok,
I promise you now”,
His mum did say.

Then with that,
There was a bang,
At their gate,
Where it did hang.

Which made them run?
Into the back,
It was the thief’s,
Make no mistake.

“Stop, stop, stop,
Who ever you are”,
Shouted his dad,
To the ones in a car.

But would they listen,
Oh no way,
No not at all,
This Christmas day.

Until it happened,
Out of the blue,
When a neighbour,
Seen this to.

Which made him run?
Into his yard,
Open his gates,
By pulling them hard.

Then jumped into,
His brand new car,
Starting it up,
The crazy star.

Revved it slightly
And then let it rip,
Reversing it,
Oh what a hit.

Stopping the thief’s,
Dead in their tracks,
To give poor Jimmy,
His Christmas back.

“Oh thank you sir”,
Jimmy did cry,
“It’s ok my son,
It’s Christmas that’s why”.

“Now call the police”,
His dad did say,
“It’s done already,
There on their way”.

Shouted his mum,
Inside their door,
Feeling so happy,
About Christmas once more.

Then the police arrived,
And arrested the crooks,
Who didn’t get away?
With the things they took.

So Jimmy was happy,
Now wouldn’t you,
For poor young Jimmy,
Knew what to do.

And that’s enjoy Christmas,
Which is a must?
With family and friends,
The ones he can trust.

So have a Merry Christmas,
And a happy new year,
No matter what happens,
It’s Christmas you hear.

By Dr Geebers

Elfie Dees Christmas Tree

Early one morning as Santa awoke,
With Christmas a coming, oh what a big joke.
While Elfie Dee had a problem you see,
With his family’s Christmas tree.

He left it outside with Rudolf and friends,
Who trampled on it and now it just bends.
Thinking oh no, what could he do,
He thought he would write a letter like you.

So of he went searching to get some paper,
To write this letter for Santa later.
“Oh dear Santa”, is how he began,
“I know you are a busy man.

But I have a problem of main concern,
Which has taught me a lesson in life to learn?
And that is Santa you can’t trust friends,
Like Rudolf and Prancer now in the end.

You see now Santa I’m good to you,
For helping these children that need it to.
Which I don’t mind, no not at all,
For they need help I do recall.

But Rudolf and his little friends,
Destroyed my tree and now it bends.
So could you help me, please you see,
To try and get a Christmas tree.

Oh please Santa if you could,
I know that I am being rude.
But I can not afford another,
And neither can my little brother.

So could you help me please I beg,
It’s for my family, its not a blag.
To give them joy and fun you see,
As Christmas is not Christmas without tree.

Oh thank you Santa you’re the one,
That could make our Christmas fun”.
Wrote Elfie Dee as proud as can be,
Thinking of Christmas without a tree.

“Now I’ll post this through his door,
So it lands nice on his floor,
And maybe he will read and weep,
Before he finally goes to sleep”.

Said Elfie Dee out loud you see,
Thinking of Christmas without a tree.
As he walked down his quiet street,
To Santa’s house being discreet.

When getting there he tip toed slow,
Up his path I hope you know.
While being quiet with every step,
No not a sound, no not yet.

Then popped the letter through his door,
And heard it slide across the floor.
Hitting something way inside,
“Oh thank you Lord”. Elfie cried.

As he walked back to his house,
While being so quiet like a mouse.
Until he said it out of the blue,
“Please help me Lord, please will you”.

“Oh what’s this now”? Santa said,
Scratching away at the top of his head.
A letter for me at this time of night,
It couldn’t be, that’s not right.

So he sat down and read the letter,
From Elfie Dee in his old sweater.
“Oh that’s not right” now Santa said,
To his wife before going to bed.

“I’ll have to help him the poor young sod”,
“Yes you will”. His wife did nod.
“As its not Christmas without a tree,
Now isn’t it now my dear you see”.

“Yes your right, I will see him,
For asking for help isn’t a sin.
As I would do the except same thing,
If I needed help with anything”.

Then the very next day when Santa awoke,
He remembered the letter and began to choke.
“Let’s see, let’s see, poor Elfie Dee,
I will get you a Christmas tree”.

Said Santa to his lovely wife,
As he mentioned about Elfie’s strife.
“I got to help him don’t you see,
For he is always helping me”.

“I know you do my darling dear,
And it’s not nice what’s happened here.
For Elfie Dee you see you see,
Thinking about a Christmas tree”.

So Santa went and bought him one,
And took it round to him for fun.
So he could get it straight away,
To see what he would really say.

Knock, knock, knock. “Are you in”.
Shouted Santa to the ones within.
“Come on Elfie and get your tree,
That you forgot to pick up you see”.

“Oh sorry Santa, it’s only you,
Oh thank you mate for helping me to”.
Said Elfie Dee so fancy free,
To get his family a Christmas tree.

“That’s no worry my little friend,
I don’t mind now in the end.
For Christmas is the time to be jolly,
With Christmas trees and wreaths of holly.

By Dr Geebers

Don't Take Sweets From Strangers

Little Miss Fidget, was a small midget,
Who liked to play, with Master Sidget?
All the time, singing nursery rhymes,
In her garden, while the sun shines.

At the front of her home, sometimes alone,
She would play with her dolls, all on her own.
Until one day, some stranger I say,
Was walking by, as Miss Fidget did play.

“Hello sweetheart”. He did remark,
To little Miss Fidget at the start.
“Hello sir”. Miss Fidget did slur,
To the stranger who didn’t know her.

“Would you like a sweet, a nice little treat?
Sorry my name is Mr Cheat”.
Said the old man, being nice and calm,
As he held out the palm of his hand.

“Oh thank you sir”. Miss Fidget did slur,
Not knowing what was going to occur.
Not seeing the danger, from this stranger,
She took the sweet that could also hang her.

“So what’s your name”? He said in vain,
To little Miss Fidget playing his game.
“I’m little Miss Fidget and there’s Master Sidget,
My little friend”. Said little Miss Fidget.

“Oh what’s your game, what’s your name?
Aren’t you that monster who lives down the lane?
Said Mr Sidget with Master Sidget,
As they walked over to little Miss Fidget.

In total anger, he read the danger,
And got rid of him the total stranger.
“Are you ok”. Mr Sidget did say,
To little Miss Fidget where she did play.

“I’m ok”. Miss Fidget did say,
“It’s a good job I came back this way”.
So Mr Sidget told Mrs Fidget,
About the stranger and little Miss Fidget.

“What did he do, my darling to you”,
“Mum he gave me a sweetie and I thanked him to”.
“You don’t do that, as he’s a brat,
A bad person, a stinky rat.

Because he takes girls, my sweet little pearl”.
Said her mum giving her a twirl.
“And carts them away, day after day,
And hurts them darling, this I must say.

So you never take sweets, from strangers you meet,
Never my darling, not a stranger on the street.
Do you hear me, my darling you see?
As some people are evil, just like he”.

“Ok mum, that that was dumb,
I won’t ever again, sorry mum”.
“Good little girl, my sweet little pearl,
I love you more than the whole wide world”.

“I love you mum and that was dumb,
I love you more than anyone”.
“That’s nice to hear my darling dear”,
Said her mum holding her near.

By Dr Geebers