Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Jimmy's Christmas Day

It was Christmas Eve,
And all was well,
At Jimmy’s house,
So he could tell.

With not a whisper,
Or even a sound,
For Jimmy was sleeping,
So it was found.

All snuggled up,
Comfy in bed,
Hoping that Santa,
Would be well fed.

As he would bring presents,
Upon his sleigh,
For him to open,
The very next day.

That would make him smile,
With pure delight,
To bring him magic,
Oh yes that’s right.

“Wake up, wake up,
It’s Christmas Day,
With snow all around,
Hooray, hooray”.

Shouted young Jimmy,
As he awoke,
And ran down the stairs,
Cracking a joke.

Through the door,
Into the room,
“Aaaaaahhhhh. He shouted,
And began to boom.

“Oh no, oh no,
What’s happened here?
Oh no, oh no”,
He shouted in fear.

“What’s up, what’s up”,
His dad did say,
“Don’t tell me now,
He’s not come today”.

“He’s ate his pie,
He’s ate his cake,
He’s drunk his beer,
Make no mistake.

But where’s my presents,
That I don’t see,
Not one dad,
Under our tree”.

“What do you mean?
You must be joking”.
Said his dad,
Nearly choking.

As he got up,
To have a look,
While stumbling over,
On a book.

“Oh what’s this noise?
Oh what’s this racket?
Hold on my son,
I’m coming to check it”.

And then with that,
He got a shock,
There were no presents,
But an empty sock.

Nor a computer,
Or a TV,
They had been burgled,
So he could see.

Which made him angry?
And totally wild,
As Jimmy cried,
The poor young child.

“Come here my son,
Its ok,
I promise you now”,
His mum did say.

Then with that,
There was a bang,
At their gate,
Where it did hang.

Which made them run?
Into the back,
It was the thief’s,
Make no mistake.

“Stop, stop, stop,
Who ever you are”,
Shouted his dad,
To the ones in a car.

But would they listen,
Oh no way,
No not at all,
This Christmas day.

Until it happened,
Out of the blue,
When a neighbour,
Seen this to.

Which made him run?
Into his yard,
Open his gates,
By pulling them hard.

Then jumped into,
His brand new car,
Starting it up,
The crazy star.

Revved it slightly
And then let it rip,
Reversing it,
Oh what a hit.

Stopping the thief’s,
Dead in their tracks,
To give poor Jimmy,
His Christmas back.

“Oh thank you sir”,
Jimmy did cry,
“It’s ok my son,
It’s Christmas that’s why”.

“Now call the police”,
His dad did say,
“It’s done already,
There on their way”.

Shouted his mum,
Inside their door,
Feeling so happy,
About Christmas once more.

Then the police arrived,
And arrested the crooks,
Who didn’t get away?
With the things they took.

So Jimmy was happy,
Now wouldn’t you,
For poor young Jimmy,
Knew what to do.

And that’s enjoy Christmas,
Which is a must?
With family and friends,
The ones he can trust.

So have a Merry Christmas,
And a happy new year,
No matter what happens,
It’s Christmas you hear.

By Dr Geebers

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