Friday, 30 December 2011

It's One Of Those Days

It’s one of those days
At the end of the year
Many people celebrate
Without any fear

Even with no money
Or very little food
They’ll try to enjoy life
In their own neighbourhood

No matter the weather
No matter their state
They’ll do what they can
To have turkey on plate

Some will get in debt
Some will have to beg
Because some live outside
Oh what a real drag

Yet some will steal
And some will rob
In times so hard
To get a job

To enjoy life
At this time of year
Even though they are lucky
To have the odd beer

Yet many will have nothing
No family no friends
No home of their own
For poverty never ends

With natural disasters
Taking their tole
And greedy people
Playing their role

Around the world
Oh yes indeed
So when you enjoy christmas
And have a good feed

Think of the starving
Think of the poor
And have a good year
With what will occure

For you are all lucky
To have a good life
While others have to
Make sacrafice

To enjoy christmas
If they can
Now that wasn’t
The devils plan

By Dr Geebers