Friday, 30 December 2011

Silly Little Rhymes

Silly little rhymes
Is what I only got
That are completely nonsense
Oh what a rot

Even all the neighbours
Hate these rhymes too
But do I really care
Should I really stew

I don’t think so
Because this is life for me
Writing down rhymes
That simply come free

Without a single care
Or even main concern
Since I am harming no one
Through what I want to learn

But when the truth comes out
And write it down too
Then people understand me
And the simple rhymes I do

Even though they may be angry
And full of lots of hate
It’s nice to write for everyone
So others can relate

Which makes it hard for poets
Who like to rhyme you see
Even though they rhyme nonsense
They rhyme to a degree

But most never get paid
Since their up against the wall
That's why so many poets don’t make it
Because they can’t rise tall

Yet silly little rhymes
Is what I like to do
So go knock yourself out
Go on read one or two

by Dr Geebers