Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Master Bear And His Wooden Chair

Early one morning,
As Master Bear woke,
He thought an idea,
An absolute joke.

As he went to the bathroom,
To have a good wash,
He thought to himself,
I can do this by gosh.

All I have to do,
Is find that old chair,
It’s in my shed,
I know it’s out there.

So of he went a wandering,
Across his green grass,
To his garden shed,
And peered through the glass.

Then opening the door,
To have a better look,
He stumbled back quickly,
Frightened by a rook.

That flew right past him,
And out the door,
As Master Bear,
Let out a roar.

“Oh sorry Bear,
It’s only you,
I didn’t mean it,
You scared me to”.

Said the rook,
Oh being polite,
Trying to make things,
Seem alright.

“What are you doing?
Now Master bear”.
“I’m looking for,
Oh there it is there”.

“I’m looking for this”.
“What a rotten old chair,
To put in the bin,
Now Master Bear”.

“No you fool,
I’m fixing it up,
To recycle this chair,
With lots of sheer luck”.

“You can’t do that,
You haven’t the brains,
It’s falling to pieces,
You must be insane”.

“I’ll use a hammer,
Sandpaper and nails,
Or a lick of paint,
If everything else fails”.

Said Master Bear,
Seeing his Vision,
Of a master piece,
That was his mission.

So scrub, scrub, scrub,
Went Master Bear,
With the sandpaper,
Here and there.

Whistling away,
Hour after hour,
With all his heart,
And all his power.

Then tap, tap, tap,
Went Master Bear,
Strengthening up,
His old wooden chair.

Getting it ready,
To make it new,
By painting it,
The colour blue.

Then all of a sudden,
It was that time,
With a slip, slop,
It began to shine.

A brand new chair,
In all its glory,
By Master Bear,
Oh what a story.

By Dr Geebers

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