Friday, 30 December 2011

I Was Getting It Going

I was getting it going
I was feeling it so fine
Iwas doing all the things
In perfect sunshine

I was getting all the heat
I was feeling it so great
I was doing all the things
That most people would hate

I was going with the flow
I was rhyming so free
I was saying all the things
In perfect harmony

I was feeling oh so good
I was enjoying it yes
I was feeling all the power
Oh what a perfect mess

I was copletely out of tune
I had no rythem in my soul
I hadn’t even a beat
I was way out of control

I was absolutely fumming
I was feeling the crunch
When someone said I was rubbish
So I gave them one good punch

Knocking them to the floor
In an unexspected way
Even though I was truely rubbish
He spoiled my perfect day

Which made me feel so angry
It wasn’t a good thing to do
As I was carted of to the cells
By the old boys in blue

By Dr Geebers

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