Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Master Floppy Does Things Sloppy

Master Floppy was a stupid fool,
In many a different way,
Especially when he was at school,
Trying to learn each day.

But could he get to grips with class,
Well no he couldn’t you see,
For he would stare out through the glass,
And watch the birds so free.

Flying in and flying out,
Through the leaves of green,
Drifting of without a doubt,
Into a little dream.

“If I had wings and I could fly”.
Is what he said so free?
“Right up to you there in the sky,
And join you in the tree”.

“Oh is right now Master Floppy”.
His teacher said out loud,
“Well if you could then I would copy,
And join you in your cloud”.

Then with that he came to,
With laughter all around,
Because he knew what he did do?
When making a choking sound.

“Oh I’m glad to hear your back,
Among your many friends,
I hope you did enjoy the crack,
And may it never ends.

Now what’s the answer to my sum.
That I didn’t say”?
“Oh, sorry sir”? He acted dumb,
For he was far away.

“I thought as much you little brat”.
He stamped his foot down hard,
“Now listen hear you little rat,
You listen in my yard.

Now one plus one plus two plus four,
Equals what”? He said,
As he went over to the door,
Scratching at his head.

“Oh let me see now, let me think,
Oh what the answer could be”.
With his face now going pink,
He counted one two three.

Using his fingers all the way,
To get his answer out,
“Oh it’s eight”. He did say,
Without a single doubt.

“That’s good that’s good now keep it up,
And don’t you drift away,
For you are hear to learn with luck,
The things you need each day”.

But would he listen I think not,
For he was of again,
Drifting, drifting on a yacht,
While twiddling with his pen.

Crashing through the open waves,
With dolphins all around,
Seeing simple things so brave,
Away from his home town.

With his little fishing rod,
Laying by his side,
His head began to start to nod,
And his mouth now opens wide.

Then he started to really snore,
In the middle of class,
While dreaming of a sandy shore,
And a bikini on some lass.

“Wake up wake up you waste of space”.
His teacher now did roar,
Then came across now in his face,
And shouted again once more.

“What, what, what”? Said Master Floppy,
Wiping at his eyes,
“You will write me out a copy,
Of what this now applies.

For I have had enough of you,
Sleeping in my class,
So you will write out what to do,
Or you will never pass.

All the things you need to do,
To keep ones self awake,
And to make it better for you,
You’ll do it through lunch and break”.

So Master floppy done his task,
The stupid little fool,
So he would never sleep in class,
And break this stupid rule.

By Dr Geebers

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