Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Don't Take Sweets From Strangers

Little Miss Fidget, was a small midget,
Who liked to play, with Master Sidget?
All the time, singing nursery rhymes,
In her garden, while the sun shines.

At the front of her home, sometimes alone,
She would play with her dolls, all on her own.
Until one day, some stranger I say,
Was walking by, as Miss Fidget did play.

“Hello sweetheart”. He did remark,
To little Miss Fidget at the start.
“Hello sir”. Miss Fidget did slur,
To the stranger who didn’t know her.

“Would you like a sweet, a nice little treat?
Sorry my name is Mr Cheat”.
Said the old man, being nice and calm,
As he held out the palm of his hand.

“Oh thank you sir”. Miss Fidget did slur,
Not knowing what was going to occur.
Not seeing the danger, from this stranger,
She took the sweet that could also hang her.

“So what’s your name”? He said in vain,
To little Miss Fidget playing his game.
“I’m little Miss Fidget and there’s Master Sidget,
My little friend”. Said little Miss Fidget.

“Oh what’s your game, what’s your name?
Aren’t you that monster who lives down the lane?
Said Mr Sidget with Master Sidget,
As they walked over to little Miss Fidget.

In total anger, he read the danger,
And got rid of him the total stranger.
“Are you ok”. Mr Sidget did say,
To little Miss Fidget where she did play.

“I’m ok”. Miss Fidget did say,
“It’s a good job I came back this way”.
So Mr Sidget told Mrs Fidget,
About the stranger and little Miss Fidget.

“What did he do, my darling to you”,
“Mum he gave me a sweetie and I thanked him to”.
“You don’t do that, as he’s a brat,
A bad person, a stinky rat.

Because he takes girls, my sweet little pearl”.
Said her mum giving her a twirl.
“And carts them away, day after day,
And hurts them darling, this I must say.

So you never take sweets, from strangers you meet,
Never my darling, not a stranger on the street.
Do you hear me, my darling you see?
As some people are evil, just like he”.

“Ok mum, that that was dumb,
I won’t ever again, sorry mum”.
“Good little girl, my sweet little pearl,
I love you more than the whole wide world”.

“I love you mum and that was dumb,
I love you more than anyone”.
“That’s nice to hear my darling dear”,
Said her mum holding her near.

By Dr Geebers

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