Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Master Dribble And His Real Life Scribble

Master Dribble was a silly young sod,
For doing the things he did,
While writing a story about a pea in a pod,
Wearing a children’s bib.

Until one day when messing around,
He scribbled on a page,
A little picture of a hound,
Down by the rivers edge.

Wearing a coat of many colours,
For his friends to see,
He didn’t know why he bothered,
To scribble this for free.

With many a magic and beautiful word,
Flying from his lips,
Through all the things that now occurred,
Right to his finger tips.

To show all his imagination,
In many a different way,
Through the magic of creation,
So fun could come and stay.

As he sat there with pen in hand,
Thinking of something new,
Up popped a voice oh so grand,
To say “How do you do”?

He couldn’t believe it no not at all,
That anyone else was there,
Until he seen him I do recall,
Sitting upon his chair.

“Am I dreaming” He said out loud,
To his little friend,
“No your not”. He said all proud,
“Now why should I pretend?

Now listen ‘ear you silly fool,
To what I have to say,
For you do have a special tool,
To brighten up each day.

So come on now and listen to me,
For I do have the answer,
To give you all you need you see,
To make your pen a dancer”.

“I’m listening, I’m listening”. Said Master Dribble,
Now wondering why,
This little hound that was a scribble,
Was staring him in the eye.

“Don’t you worry my little friend?
We’re going on a bender,
Right round the world now to its end,
And be back before September”.

“I can’t I can’t because of school,
That means so much to me,
To do the things I need so cool,
To get my main degree”.

“Oh don’t you worry you’ll be there,
For that special day,
So don’t you worry this I swear?
My friend I say I say.

For we are going to learn a lot,
About my world for free,
For you are going to be taught,
To write the things you see.

So hurry up and pack your bag,
With pencils and paper galore,
So wee can go and fly your flag,
For others to adore”.

“But what about my lovely family,
And all my little friends”.
Said Master Dribble very calmly,
Trying to make amends.

“Oh don’t you worry about them now,
For they will be alright”.
Said Henry the hound wiping his brow,
With absolute delight.

“For I am going to show you now,
How to write for fun,
The things you need to show somehow,
With laughter for everyone”.

“Why oh why my little friend,
Are you doing this for me”,
“Because you have the magic pen,
That riddles rhymes for free.

This is why I am alive,
Because you do believe,
That I can help you really strive,
To make you now achieve.

So come on now and let us see,
The world in a different way,
My dear friend and you’ll agree,
You’ll have fun I say”.

So of they went now through his page,
Down by the rivers side,
Along a path beside a hedge,
That was only three foot wide.

Looking at the sun so bright,
Shining in the sky,
Oh what a wonderful beautiful sight,
As two otters they swam by.

“Hello Henry and how are you,
My scrumpous little friend”,
Said Mrs Otter oh so true,
Stopping on the bend.

“Oh Mrs Otter I am fine,
This beautiful summer’s day.
Said Henry as his teeth did shine,
In a perfect way.

“Oh who’s your friend”? Said Mr Otter,
Scratching at his fur,
“Oh this is Master Dribble Otter,
Who writes for fun so pure”?

“What do you mean now Henry dear”?
Mrs Otter said,
“Well Master Dribble writes so clear,
Stories from his head.

But he needs help you understand,
To make them funny you see,
So I have brought him to our land,
To show him fun for free”.

“Oh well that’s good my little blossom,
I hope you do enjoy,
And Henry I hope you do not loss him,
For he’s a sweet young boy”,

“I won’t I won’t now Mrs Otter,
That I promise you,
For I will treat him like my daughter,
Oh young Suzy Lue”.

“I’ll be safe”. Said Master Dribble,
With a little laugh,
Because he knew his little scribble,
Was a member of staff?

So of they went a wondering along,
When something splashed about,
That made them think now something’s wrong,
But it was Mr Trout.

“Hello Henry you stupid fool,
What are you doing today?
And who’s the one who’s not at school,
I say, I say, I say”.

“Oh this is Master Dribble Trout,
Who likes to write for fun?
In words of rhyme without a doubt,
You crazy son of a gun”.

“Oh nice to meet you Master Dribble,
You silly little sod,
I hope you know he’s on the fiddle”,
He said with a little nod.

“Don’t listen to him for he’s not right,
Now truly in his mind,
For all he wants is one good fight,
With the intelligent kind”.

“What do you mean now Henry please”?
Said Master Dribble Polite,
“Well I mean with simple ease,
He always thinks he’s right”.

“I don’t, I don’t, but know a lot,
That is why I am great,
Now this is what I’ve been taught,
So I never take the bait”.

“Oh is that right now Mr Trout,
The one who swims away,
When a tadpole comes about,
And frightens you each day”.

“Oh ha, ha, now Henry mate,
That was funny from you”.
“Oh I know and can relate,
Because I know it’s true.

Now come on now young Master Dribble,
Let’s go sit on the grass,
And use your mind to draw or scribble,
Something that’s real class.

“Ok Henry my little friend,
Let me think and see,
What about a different blend,
Between a flower and bee”.

“That sounds good now Master Dribble,
So focus with your eyes,
Then use your pen to draw and scribble,
A little bee that flies.

While doing this then think of words,
That rhymes and flows so free,
Which seems so mad and real absurd?
About that Bumble Bee”.

Then buzz, buzz came a sound,
Which made him look and stare?
As Mr Bumble Bee came down,
From somewhere in the air.

“Hello Henry you lazy dog,
What you doing over here,
And who is this little sprog,
That you’re sitting near”.

“Oh this is Master Dribble Bee,
Who I’m helping out,
Who likes to rhyme stories see,
So he can spread them about.

The only problem that he’s got,
Is adding in the fun,
So I have brought to this spot,
To show him how it’s done”.

“Oh I see now Master Dribble,
Can I help you out?
I see what you are trying to scribble,
And that’s what I’m about.

Now do you want a flying pose?
Or do you want a sting,
Or should I sit on Henrys nose,
With my chains of bling.

For I can play the flute you see,
And I can play the drums,
If hardy comes to hardy me,
I can also play with plums”.

“Oh very funny Mr Bee”.
Said Dribble as he laughed,
“What about, oh let me see,
Sawing you in half.

Would you do that now for fun?
In my little rhyme”,
“Well if you want it to be done,
I’ll do it all the time”.

“That’s good that’s good now Mr Bee,
For me to think about,
Now you keep buzzing around for me,
While I write something out”.

“No problem lad no not for me,
For this is one of my trades”.
Said Mr Bee for fun you see,
As he pulled out a pair of shades.

“They look cool”. Said Henry calm,
“Where did you get them from”?
“I got them from a Rasta man,
Sleeping in the sun”.

“Oh did you now you little thief,
You know that that’s not right,
Because it causes lots of grief,
And now could start a fight”.

“Oh don’t be silly you little fool,
I would never steal you know,
I just said that he looked cool,
And he gave them to me so”.

“Oh is that right now, are you sure,
Because I know what your like”.
“I know, I know, but its true sir,
He gave me them alright”.

“Ok then I believes you,
But thousands wouldn’t you know”.
“I swear, I swear, it’s all true,
And its time for me to go”.

“Bye, Bye Mr Bumble Bee”,
Said Master Dribble so fine,
“I hope to see you soon agree,
So I can share my rhyme”.

“That’s ok now Master Dribble,
We will meet I say,
Now go on finish your little scribble,
And you’ll be famous someday”.

“See you then now Bumble Bee”.
Said Henry with a smile,
As he turned round to Dribble see,
To say something worth while.

“I think its time that we got back,
To your family and friends”,
Said Henry now for a fact,
“Along with your paper and pens”.

“I think your right”. Said Master Dribble,
Packing all his work,
Along with his magic scribble,
Of Henry the stupid jerk.

So of they went back through his page,
To where Master Dribble was sat,
Beside his picture of the waters edge,
Where Henry and him was at.

“Oh thank you Henry for all the fun,
That you’ve given to me”,
“Oh that’s alright my little son,
As long as it’s helped you see”.

“Oh it has my furry friend,
More than you will know”.
“That’s good now so don’t pretend,
And mind now how you go”.

Then with that he woke up,
With his mother by his side,
“Come on now my buttercup,
Its time for bed she sighed”.

By Dr Geebers

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