Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Little Miss Nurse And Her Ulitmate Curse

Little Miss Nurse was a nice little girl,
Who liked to run and swim?
While shining like a precious pearl,
At home or down the gym.

Until one day when being free,
She opened up her purse,
To buy a cup of tea,
And got attacked by the curse.

“Hello my darling remember me,
The person that you hate”.
He shouted now, you see, you see,
Which put her in a state?

“Are you ok now Madam dear”?
Said someone at the till,
“That’s one pound now Madam dear”.
He said while standing still.

“What you say you crazy loon”.
She said as she screamed,
When the clock it struck noon,
And the cashier he now beamed.

“How dare you speak to me like that?
Over the head of a pound,
But if you want to be a bat,
I’ll call the police around”.

“Oh sorry Sir”. She said so nice,
“I didn’t mean it to you,
But I will say it again now twice,
I’m sorry and mean it to”.

“No you didn’t”. Said the curse,
Who shouted in her ear?
From deep within her precious purse,
To give her lots of fear.

“Oh shut it would you, you little pest,
And please leave me alone”.
She said now as she stressed,
While playing with her phone.

“I don’t think so, no not me,
For I am in your mind,
No matter what you do you see?
You won’t stop me you’ll find”.

“What did you say, now Madam dear”.
Said the young man at the till,
“I’m sorry Sir, I hope you hear,
And know now that’s two nil”.

“Now I won’t tell you, one more time,
For I will make that call,
And if I do then you won’t pine,
When the police come standing tall”

“Oh that’s ok, I’m sorry sir,
I didn’t mean any trouble”.
As she gave her tea a stir,
And drunk it on the double.

Then picking up all her things,
Along with her purse as well,
She left the shop on bouncy springs,
As if she was under a spell.

Bouncing through the open door,
And halfway down the street,
She decided to go in another store,
To buy herself a treat.

Without a word or even a sound,
She thought she lost her curse,
Until the time it came around,
To open up her purse.

“You’re not buying that hideous thing,
That looks totally absurd,
That some dog has dropped pa’ding,
Or was it from a bird”.

“Hello Madam is you ok”.
Said the woman behind the till,
“Isn’t it a lovely day”?
She said with a perfect chill.

“Oh stop it, stop it, you pain in the neck,
Please stop bulling me,
I’m buying this so what the heck,
It’s what I like you see”.

“Oh sorry Madam for being nice,
You miserable grumpy old cow,
The next time then, I’ll think twice,
About serving you then and now”.

“Oh sorry Madam for being so rude,
I wasn’t talking to you,
Honestly now, I’ll be good,
And buy not one but two.”

“I hope you are now Madam dear,
Because that wasn’t fair”.
Said the woman nice and clear,
In respect to who was there.

So of she went in a scurry,
With her clothes and purse,
Down the road in a hurry,
While thinking of her curse.

Which seem to put her in a state?
That no one could control,
Because this curse that she did hate,
Was really taking its toll.

While making her do crazy things,
To annoy the ones she loves,
Until an angel with beautiful wings,
Came from up above.

“Hello Miss I need a Nurse”.
Said the Angel with a smile,
“To help me with a really bad curse,
Who seems to be cramping my style”?

“Oh is that right and what can I do,
To take away your pain”.
“Well to be honest that’s up to you,
To help me all the same.

Because my Mother always told me,
No matter what and when,
You got to understand you see,
And count from one to ten.

Which gives you time to think about,
All the things that’s wrong,
And then by magic without a doubt,
Your goodness will be strong”.

“What do you mean now Angel dear?
You’re messing up my head”.
“I mean my darling don’t show fear,
Now that is what I said.

Because you’re the one who has the strength,
To show that good means good,
And you will go to any length,
To do this if you could”.

“So you mean I got to believe,
In all the things I do,
So I can go on and achieve,
To make my dreams come true”.

“Yes that right, Little Miss Nurse,
It’s what you got to do,
To stop this bug of a really bad curse,
Spoil the goodness in you.

Please listen now please to this,
Because I feel your pain,
Then think of all the things that’s bliss,
And what you could now gain.

Because you’re going to show whose boss,
By helping all the poor,
Which won’t be a total loss?
This I know this for sure.

Or maybe you will help a lady,
Who’s trying to cross the street?
Who maybe really old like Sadie?
Or give them a special treat.

And when you do these kinds of things,
You’ll notice a difference in you,
That’s more precious than diamond rings,
And lasts forever to.

Which will help you in your cause?
To stop your dreadful curse”.
She said now with a little pause.
“That you carry in your purse”.

“Let’s hope so”. She said so quick,
In a bit of a flutter,
“Hoping that the goodness sticks,
Like bread with lots of butter”.

“Oh it will, my darling dear,
Because I believe in you,
As long as you remember to show no fear,
While helping others to”.

“I will, I will, with all my heart”.
While crossing it with a smile,
“I’ll do it now with a brand new start,
That will be really worth while”.

“That’s good to hear my little friend,
Now I have got to go,
Now you stay good right to the end,
And let your goodness show”.

“Oh thank you, thank you very much,
I hope to see you soon”.
“Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be in touch,
Before it gets to June”.

So of he went a floating free,
Way up into the sky,
Flapping his wings like birds you see,
Without a word of a lie.

When all of a sudden, like a bad smell,
She heard a roar from her purse,
When it fell from the Devils spell,
To reveal her dreadful curse.

“I heard that I hope you know,
But you will never win,
No matter where you seem to go,
I’ll cause you dreadful sin”.

“Oh is that right, well let’s see,
For I believe the truth,
No matter what you do to me,
You stupid little goof”.

Then with that she made a call,
To see what she could do,
As she stood there in her hall,
While all her goodness grew.

“Hello, hello”. She said so nice,
To someone on the phone,
“I’ve got clothes food and rice”.
She said in a lovely tone.

“Would you like them if I pop round?
In maybe a hour or so,
Oh that’s good and totally sound,
I’ll be there I hope you know”.

Which she did from that day on,
Because of her dreadful curse,
And then the next day it was gone,
So, “thank you”. Said Little Miss Nurse.

By Dr Geebers

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One of the most basic human rights is for somewhere safe and stable to live, yet homelessness continues to be one of the worst social problems in Britain today.
Suitable accommodation is vital to a stable life that includes education, employment and healthy relationships. Young people are more vulnerable to poor health, involvement in crime and substance misuse, sexual exploitation, unemployment and dependency on benefits when they don't have a safe place to live.
Homeless families find themselves living transitory and uncertain lives. They never know when they will have to move, and basic essentials like a school place or doctor become major problems. Temporary accommodation offers children no stimulation or room to play, which can lead to depression or aggressive behaviour.
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Homelessness facts

  • A third of children living in temporary accommodation have no school to go to.
  • As many as 60 per cent of people sleeping rough have mental health problems.
  • Homeless children are ten times more likely to die in a fire than their peers.

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We work with families to help them secure the benefits and grants they are legally entitled to, sorting out accommodation problems and helping families to get re-housed in the area so as to not to disrupt children's education.

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