Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Master Baboon And Hottie The Balloon

Master Baboon was out walking one day,
When something strange, happened I say.
That made him dance and skip along,
To the sound of the trees, whistling a song.

With the sun in the sky, shining so bright.
What a perfect day, what a perfect sight.
When all of a sudden, out of the blue.
Came something large, which grew and grew.

Now was it a bird, or was it a plane,
It couldn’t be, that’s completely insane.
Which came from behind, turning everything black
Even the sun, as a matter of fact.

“Oh no”. “Oh no”. What did I do?
It’s not that time”. He wondered to.
Then turning round, to his surprise,
He saw it big in front of his eyes.

A big balloon with basket below,
Coming at him, ever so slow.
“Hello. Hello and what is your name”,
Said the hot air balloon, ever so game.

“I’m Master Baboon and who are you”.
“I’m Hottie the Balloon, how do you do.
I take people way up in the sky,
So they can feel what its like to fly”.

“Oh Hottie, oh Hottie that sounds like fun”.
“It is, it is, would you like to come”.
“Oh please. Oh please, if your sure”.
“Give me a second and I’ll give you a tour.

Come on then, let’s fly, let’s fly,
Over the trees like birds in the sky”.
Said Hottie the balloon with a smile on his face,
As they left the ground heading for space.

Up, up, up and away,
Over the tree tops and far away.
Feeling the wind touching their face,
Oh what a sight, as the birds gave chase.

“Who’s that, who’s that”? Said Master Crow,
“It couldn’t be, never no.
By Jove it is, its Master Baboon.
And he’s flying in Hotties’ balloon.

How are you, enjoying your trip”.
Said Master Crow doing a back flip.
As Master Baboon watched him fall,
“I’m loving it”. He began to call.

“That’s good, that’s good, and I hope you do,
As life is magic up here to”.
Said Master Crow as he flew away,
“I hope you enjoy the rest of your day”.

“Oh thank you, oh thank you”, said Master Baboon,
Way up high in Hotties’ balloon.
“I hope I do now Master Crow,
Now have a safe journey and mind how you go”.

While seeing the sights from up in the sky,
He couldn’t believe it as he asked himself why.
The people where ants and rivers where snakes,
Why was this as a matter of fact?

With clouds all puffy like smoke in the sky,
With a hardly sound, he asked himself why.
While Hottie he blew to rise even more,
To give Master Baboon a view of the shore.

“Oh look Hottie what’s that I see,
Is that the ocean, or is that the sea”.
“Oh that’s the sea, my fury friend,
So shiny, so beautiful, right to its end”.

“Now those little dots, you see over there,
Those are boats my friend I swear”.
Pointed Hottie down to the sea,
“No way, no way, you’re kidding me”.

“No not at all, I wouldn’t do that”.
Said Hottie the balloon ever so flat.
As he dropped down out of the sky,
To show him the boats that passed them by.

“I see, I see, oh what you mean,
Oh aren’t they beautiful and really clean”.
Said Master Baboon so simple and free,
As they flew over, the boats in the sea.

“Oh what’s that stuff that’s yellow and brown?
That looks like custard spread over the ground”.
“Oh that’s the beach made up of sand,
Which comes between water and land.

“And what are those things that look like ants”.
“Oh those are humans in shorts and pants”.
“What are they doing all lying around”?
“Getting a sun tan so their skin goes brown”.

“Oh I see and those ones there,
They look like chocolate oh yes I swear.
Ever so dark and nearly black,
Are they misfits or a mistake”.

“No not at all it’s the way they are,
So don’t be racist oh by far”.
“Oh sorry mate I didn’t know”.
“Well now you do mind how you go”.

“So I will my little friend.
I’ll watch and learn and not pretend”.
“That’s good to hear now all the same,
But some of them liked to be game.

With guns and ropes, and traps that’s fair,
They’ll hunt and hunt, for you and Bear.
Along as there hungry and need food,
They’ll kill you all which is no good.

“Why is that, now Hottie you see”?
“Because humans are smart beyond you and me.
Even though we all bleed the same,
The humans believe that life is a game”.

“Oh is that right”. “Oh yes believe.
No matter what we need to achieve.
In this life there always on top.
Polluting and Killing and probably won’t stop”.

“Oh I see now Hottie my friend.
But life goes on now in the end.
No matter what we all can do,
We have to help these humans to”.

“Oh yes that’s right we need to do that,
We need to help them and have a good chat.
So we can keep breathing this lovely fresh air,
And keep our world green because we all care”.

Then with that it was time to go,
For Hottie the Balloon I hope you know.
“So bye bye Hottie”. Said Master Baboon.
“I hope I’ll see you some time soon”.

“No worries Mattie, you probably will.
Some time soon for another good thrill”.
“Well bye bye then till the next time”.
And Hottie shot of through the sunshine.

Up, up, up and away,
Went poor Hottie as he flew away.
Over the tree tops like a bird in the sky,
That’s it Hottie bye bye bye.

By Dr Geebers

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