Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hey you

Hey, you
What can I say
Can you feel that feeling
At the end of the day
When our eyes met
Only half way
Can you feel that feeling
Oh yeah yeah yeah
With a skip of a beat
That seems to repeat
And were not home
As we are still on the street
Looking at each other
Without any bother
Two little strangers
Without any lover
Simply wanting more
Right to he core
Two grown adults
Slipping to the floor
One with smooth skin
The other a big grin
Cuddled up together
Which is no sin
Under a sleeping bag
On cardboard as well
Holding each other close
With a story to tell
With kisses galore
As the other does snore
Oh what a life
Oh what a bore
Then we split up
And go our separate ways
With beautiful memories
To remember each day
Until we meet again
In a completely different place
Comparing each others feelings
Taking us to outer space
Lost in the moment
As dreams become true
Until we awake Horney
Dam it what should we do
Except at least speak
Simply through the web
With many answers galore
Yes and no one is dead
Keeping us smiling
In more ways than one
Dam it I miss you
Because you are fun
So be happy and content
And we'll maybe meet one day
To share another sleeping bag
In a more passionate way
And if we really don't
Well we can always dream
Because your the one I love
Or so it may seem
This I know so true
So I'll always be by your side
No matter what you do
Total world wide
So go live the dream
Because your a star to me
That will always sparkle
From now to eternity 

Peace on earth

Peace on earth
Is what we want
Putting things
Nice and blunt
In a way
From the front
As many people
Go on a national hunt
Killing everyone
That's in sight
Lightening up
The beauty of the night
Scaring everyone
Which is right
Spreading heartache
As they fight
On the battlefields
And in our house
Relationship break ups
Partner and spouse
With crazy things happening
With the touch of the mouse
Oh dear no
Someone's drunk the grouse
Then there's the dealers
Wanting more
Fighting their battle
Total hard core
So they beat poverty
While others score
Which is real life
That many adore
Until they get arrested
And o to jail
And don't get a chance
To even get bail
Oh what a waste
To no avail
But was it really
Or did they simply fail
Or did a grass
Grass them in
For trying to better
Their life's with sin
Hoping for a future
To simply begin
With words flying free
From the rapper within
Showing their anger
In the cells alright
Hoping their words
See the light
Getting out to the masses
Each day and night
To be released
Straight on to the mic
Which changes their life
Simply for free
In a way
That's meant to be
Because good can come out
Of bad you see
And make people stars
For eternity

I was doing all those things

I was doing all those things
It's the way I am
I was understanding it
And being the man
I was feeling it crazy
Even in a jam
I was keeping it a going
I hope you understand
Then I was told
I was going to be a dad
It was hard to take in
But it didn't make me mad
Because I hope you know
I am actually really glad
Even though at that moment
It may have sounded bad
With no real job
What can I do?
Except write from my heart
These words that are true
In a crazy way
From me to you
So you can understand
What I'm simply going through
For I am going to create art
Way better than before
Which is going to open up
That awesome door
To the big time
With money galore
As I create sculptures
Totally hard core
Now on the coast
This is the real me
To beat that world
Of poverty
To turn my life
Round for free
To be remembered
For eternity
Even though
I am a fool
That hated life
And hated school
Who's became an artist
That's real cool
And wants to help others
As a rule
To give them a chance
That a judge gave me
And now I'm an artist
Without a degree
Who creates magic
For others to see
While simply creating
Pure history
As I live the dream
If you know
What I mean
In a way
That has to be seen
By everyone
Including the Queen
So when you hear
Dr Geebers is near
Then please don't hesitate
And don't have any fear
Because I'm a poet
And a sculptor you hear
And not a rapper
Of yesteryear

Heres one kiss

Here's one kiss
That cannot miss
Upon your lips
As I take the piss
Like I normally do
Because it's true
I'm a big kid
And love it too
Now act your age
Others might say
But who cares
At the end of the day
Always be who you are
And never feel ashamed
Because you will always be
In my picture frame
Who's taken my heart
And made it smile
From the inside out
To make everything worthwhile

Heres my heart

Here's my heart
Here's my soul
Here's my words
Coming whole
Simply to you
To say one thing
And that's I love you
So give us a ring
For your so beautiful
I want you more
I want you all
Right to the core
To cherish forever
No matter what
Because your my answer
Or maybe not
But if you think so
And believe in fate
Then give us a chance
Before it's to late
And you could be smiling
Everyday with me
As two become one
Making out by the sea

Have a nice evening

Have a nice evening
Is what I like to say
To all those lovely people
Who walk pas me everyday
With their hands in their pockets
Dressed up for the night
So have a wicked time
As I sit and write
This little rhyme
For all of you to hear
Even though I'm totally skint
And haven't got a beer
Out here on the street
With no money for a place
Oh dear oh what a life
And I want to be of my face
So I don't feel so lonely
Out here on the street
So buy me a lottery ticket
That will wipe me of my feet
And if I flipping win
Then I can do the same
Only through art and poetry
That'll put everyone o shame
So have a lovely evening
And enjoy your night
And thank you to all those people
Who gave me money as I write
So I can simply survive
Out here on the street
While helping out others
Who want something to simply eat

Feel The Notions

Feel the notions
See the explosions
Messing with the mind
In pure corrosion
Fucking the head
The walking dead
No words said
Can't believe
Or even breath
With the pictures
That they leave
With nowhere to turn
As brain cells burn
Will you overcome
Or will you learn
With nightmarick dreams
With screaching screams
Then boiling sweat
Dam it I've been
Get out of my head
Hear what I said
Leave me alone
Like the poor dead
Then it returns
That picture burns
Screaming out pain
In a nightmarick churn
Choking you up
Oh really fuck
That's it now
Because life does suck