Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hey you

Hey, you
What can I say
Can you feel that feeling
At the end of the day
When our eyes met
Only half way
Can you feel that feeling
Oh yeah yeah yeah
With a skip of a beat
That seems to repeat
And were not home
As we are still on the street
Looking at each other
Without any bother
Two little strangers
Without any lover
Simply wanting more
Right to he core
Two grown adults
Slipping to the floor
One with smooth skin
The other a big grin
Cuddled up together
Which is no sin
Under a sleeping bag
On cardboard as well
Holding each other close
With a story to tell
With kisses galore
As the other does snore
Oh what a life
Oh what a bore
Then we split up
And go our separate ways
With beautiful memories
To remember each day
Until we meet again
In a completely different place
Comparing each others feelings
Taking us to outer space
Lost in the moment
As dreams become true
Until we awake Horney
Dam it what should we do
Except at least speak
Simply through the web
With many answers galore
Yes and no one is dead
Keeping us smiling
In more ways than one
Dam it I miss you
Because you are fun
So be happy and content
And we'll maybe meet one day
To share another sleeping bag
In a more passionate way
And if we really don't
Well we can always dream
Because your the one I love
Or so it may seem
This I know so true
So I'll always be by your side
No matter what you do
Total world wide
So go live the dream
Because your a star to me
That will always sparkle
From now to eternity 

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