Saturday, 14 September 2013

I was doing all those things

I was doing all those things
It's the way I am
I was understanding it
And being the man
I was feeling it crazy
Even in a jam
I was keeping it a going
I hope you understand
Then I was told
I was going to be a dad
It was hard to take in
But it didn't make me mad
Because I hope you know
I am actually really glad
Even though at that moment
It may have sounded bad
With no real job
What can I do?
Except write from my heart
These words that are true
In a crazy way
From me to you
So you can understand
What I'm simply going through
For I am going to create art
Way better than before
Which is going to open up
That awesome door
To the big time
With money galore
As I create sculptures
Totally hard core
Now on the coast
This is the real me
To beat that world
Of poverty
To turn my life
Round for free
To be remembered
For eternity
Even though
I am a fool
That hated life
And hated school
Who's became an artist
That's real cool
And wants to help others
As a rule
To give them a chance
That a judge gave me
And now I'm an artist
Without a degree
Who creates magic
For others to see
While simply creating
Pure history
As I live the dream
If you know
What I mean
In a way
That has to be seen
By everyone
Including the Queen
So when you hear
Dr Geebers is near
Then please don't hesitate
And don't have any fear
Because I'm a poet
And a sculptor you hear
And not a rapper
Of yesteryear

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