Friday, 10 May 2013

The Artists Way

What do you know?
What do you do?
In this life
Which is true
As we break the rules
Upon the street
To live life
Without defeat
Banging your head
Against the grain
While creating magic
Thats in sane
But it is true
With no way out
As we rise and fall
And know what lifes about
Hoping for better times
What would you do?
Would you give up?
Or carry on too
While trying to better your self
No matter what
In life its self
Or maybe naught
Well who cares
As long as you know
You are that artist
Who will never let go
Of your dream
To be the best
Because this is real life
Which is one big test
With no first prize
In what you do
Except that feeling
Thats deep in you
So stand and be counted
Please have no fear
And one of these days
Will start a new year
As people read your words
And see what you do
Then maybe something will happen
That will change your life too
As your career takes a right turn
And blossoms over night
As the masses go mental
For what you simply write
With overall enjoyment
Because of who you are
For are that artist
Who has the power
To make people listen
To what you have to say
So never give up
No never no way

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