Monday, 13 May 2013

Brain Cellls Firing

Brain cells firing
On all fours
Smashing your head
Breaking down doors
Exploding minds
Like dancing boars
Bouncing to the beat
On many floors

As the artists head
Simply spins
Raging temper
Who dare wins
Facing councils
Here it begins
Its simply better
Than eatting from bins

Creating art
In the public eye
While living outside
To simply die
Yet your trying
And don't know why
To change your life
So you can fly

With the seagulls
In pure flight
Never giving up
Isn't that right
Burning fuel
In your flight
To help others
Fly alright

Burning bridges
In many a way
Looking for something
To brighten your day
Then you see an artist
Through what seems grey
Using colours
To see what you say

Bursting his balls
And sweating even more
Doing his thing
Right upon the shore
Building sculptures
Totally hardcore
While helping others
Oh what a bore

Even though
It generates a smile
So my efforts
Have been worthwhile
But I don't get paid
For this new style
That's made your day
In this world
That's vile

But I get hassle
For helping you out
On a miserable day
That's what I'm about
For like many an artist
We love to shout
How good we are
Yet we have nought

Only a talent
That makes you smile
In a moment
When nothings worthwhile
But think yourself lucky
For this is my style
To help out everyone
And go that extra mile

Yet when anger creeps in
And you don't know what to do
Because you feel
The world is against you
Because you've been homeless
And in the gutters too
Yet no one recognises
This life is hard too

So you want to give up
On what you really believe
Because you know
Others don't want you to achieve
Even if
You live or breath
Because they are out for themselves
With no time to grieve

Which pisses you more
And cuts to the bone
As some people want to change
And leave street life alone
Move on in life
Like the mobile phone
Become bigger and better
And not be on their own

To live in the gutters
And simply die
Because they give up fighting
And that's no lie
So they are better of dead
As I ask myself why?
Because only the strong survive
And the rest of us die

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