Friday, 17 August 2012

Running down the street

Running down the street
As fast as can be
This is not neat
With people chasing me

Making the wrong turn
What should I do
With no time to burn
As the tention grew

Climbing over a wall
Will I get away
Being on the ball
Living day by day

Then the sirens they come
A Flashing away
“Dam, dam, dam”
Is what I did say

Not a good move
No not at all
With nothing to prove
An no time to stall

With adrenalin pumping
Straight through my vains
Many feet stomping
And the rattling of chains

So I hid in a dustbin
To make my escape
Oh what a sin

So after an hour
I made it back home
Jumped in the shower
All covered in foam

Got rid of my clothes
And jumped into bed
With a little red rose
And a banging head

Kissing my lover
In a passionette way
Under the cover
Where I longed to stay

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