Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Never Give Up

Never give up
My little friend
Never give up
At all
Be that person
 That you are
Now never give up
Stand tall
No matter the rejection
Or what's going on at the time
Just never ever simply give up
And you'll be fine
No matter how hard the pressure is
Never give up at all
Because breaking the rules is what you do
So you can simply rise tall
For you are an artist
No matter how it may seem
So never ever simply give up
And never ever be mean
So get out there and do what you do
And never ever feel low
Now show everyone your the best
As you simply give it a go
And please enjoy it the best you can
For that's what life's about
Now show us what you can do
This we simply shout
That's it now please stand tall
And make the world see
That your the one who is the best
And will live on in history

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