Wednesday, 4 January 2012

When Lightening Strikes

When lightening strikes with pure delight,
With evil forces in the night.
Crashing through trees with perfect ease,
While scaring people oh yes believe.

As rumbling thunder makes its blunder,
And swirling winds makes you wonder.
Then lights go out without a doubt,
You think the worse then scream and shout.

Oh no, oh no, think fast not slow,
Take cables out before TV blows.
Being vandals as you handle,
Searching around for those dammed candles.

But by the time you search and find,
Nature decides it will be kind.
As winds drops and lightening stops,
You gain control to be on top.

To find out without a doubt,
You got no electric you got knout.
Oh what a pain, oh not again,
Now this is life all the same.

By Dr Geebers