Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mr Wicks And His Dancing Chicks

Mr Wicks was a fine old fellow,
Who liked to act real funny?
While playing a tune on his cello,
And making lots of money.

When all of a sudden he met these chicks,
Who liked to dance and sing?
Along with doing some fancy tricks,
While wearing lots of bling.

With a hip hop here and a hip hop there,
They made an almighty team,
Which made their audience without fear?
All want to laugh and scream.

For they had magic on their side,
To do the things they do,
By taking the Mickey with all their pride,
Out of people like me and you.

Until this day when up on stage,
One chick with a really big bum,
Slipped on something in furious rage,
And fell and broke her thumb.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh". She shouted way out loud,
As the crowd they all laughed,
While pointing out their fingers proud,
At this chick who was being daft.

"Oh no, oh no". She started to cry.
"Why's this happening to me".
She blurted out without a lie,
Then passed out dead you see.

"Ha, ha, ha, you silly sod,
Don't you go to sleep?
Get up now and do your job,
You stupid little creep".

Said Mr Wicks the fine old fellow,
Keeping the act alive,
While playing a tune on his cello,
So they could all survive.

Then with that came something new,
A gnome on stilts so high,
To do the things he had to do,
So their audience wouldn't die.

While all the other little chicks,
Jumped around their friend,
To waken her up with magic tricks,
While counting from one to ten.

"A hey diddle, diddle, a cat on a fiddle".
Sung Mr Wicks the fool,
"A crazy baboon stuck in the middle,
And an ant with shades so cool.

A monster to be, a dragon to see,
With many a wasp in a ring,
A cat with a dog and a stupid green frog".
Is what Mr Wicks did sing.

Making ones laugh with his hideous rhymes,
Flowing to the beat of his tune,
Along with the chicks dancing at times,
And a horse playing the bassoon.

Then all of a sudden at the end of the night,
They all got a big cheer,
For all those things that went wrong,
To boost their new career.

In comedy and in magic rhymes,
For all the world to see,
Because Mr Wicks he seen the signs,
Through disasters that came for free.

By Dr Geebers